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06-27-10, 11:56 pm
We don't have an introduction thread, so we figured we would start one.

In Order (They're posted in pairs, or how many we adopted at the time):


06-27-10, 11:57 pm
Rescued from a HORRIBLE family pet store.


06-27-10, 11:57 pm
Adopted from a local rescue in London, Ontario.


06-27-10, 11:58 pm
Bella and Hershey were surrendered to us.


06-27-10, 11:58 pm
We adopted snow from a member on this website (MissSofi)


06-27-10, 11:59 pm
Zoe and Chloe were adopted.


06-27-10, 11:59 pm
We also adopted Sophie from MissSofi, and we decided to name her after "MissSofi/Sofi"


06-28-10, 12:01 am
Luke and Hurley were surrendered to us.


06-28-10, 12:07 am
Suzie and Molly were surrendered to us.


06-28-10, 02:17 am
Wow you have so many gorgeous guinea-pigs. I really like Zoe's fur. I have never seen a guinea-pig like that where I live.

06-28-10, 07:14 am
I would love to see photos of how you have them housed. I have 14 right now and am trying to figure out the best way to house them to make everything as easy as possible but still be best for the piggies. Great photos!

06-28-10, 08:55 am
WOW. What a crew of cuties! I love them all, but I especially like Chloe. I, too, would love to see all the cages!

06-28-10, 09:10 am
Wow, they are all really beautiful and interesting looking! I especially like Chloe, Zoe and Hurley, so adorable..

06-28-10, 02:43 pm
As for caging arrangements, We have it as follows.

Pheonix: By himself in a 3x4, (Pheonix and Montgomery were housed together, but fought so we seperated)
Montgomery: 3x4 by himself


Are all together in a 3x10 C&C Cage

Luke and hurley are together in a 3x4 C&C
Molly and Suzie are together in a 3x4 C&C
Gizmo and diego are together in a 3x4 C&C as well

I don't have updated pictures of their cages, but i will get some today or tommorow when i clean their cages :)

Thanks for the comments!

06-28-10, 02:45 pm
Wow that's a lot of big cages! All your piggies are adorable!!

06-28-10, 02:47 pm
Wow that's a lot of big cages! All your piggies are adorable!!

We actually just bought a new house, it has a 4 car garage on site, that is empty for now. So we put all the cages in their, it is completely 100% climate controlled (AC and heat)

In total there is 6 cages, but we have the 3x4's stacked in 2's. So really there is only 4 cages (space wise)

Most of the guinea pigs we have had surrendered to us, were meant to be adopted out to good homes, but we fell in-love with them, and could not separate with them. :)

We have 20 Full length fleece runs, over 3 meters long each. They get fed fresh veggies 3 times daily, We spend over 100$ a week on vegetables alone, and have a fridge dedicated to the veggies. CAVY MADNESS!! LOL

06-28-10, 02:50 pm
Wow! What a lot of gorgeous guineas! I love the baby ones (Zoey and Chloe) - so cute! I can't imagine how long it takes you to clean and care for all of them - kudos to you! :)

06-28-10, 02:52 pm
Wow! What a lot of gorgeous guineas! I love the baby ones - so cute! I can't imagine how long it takes you to clean and care for all of them - kudos to you! :)

I'm going to be honest, To clean all 7 cages, it takes me an hour to change the fleece :)

I clean the cages every other day, with spot cleaning 3 times a day (Broom and dustpan)

It's alot of work, but in the end it is definitely worth it.

We feed all of our guinea's Martin Mills, Timothy based pellets, The ones that have been on the market for a while are actually alfalfa based, We buy our pellets in 40 Pound bags, 3-4 at a time. So roughly 200 Pounds of pellets lying around is alot of food!!

06-28-10, 05:03 pm
Wow, that is A LOT of piggies! I really love your Abyssinians, they are my favorite breed!

I would love to have that many pigs! You are so dedicated.

06-28-10, 05:10 pm
Wow - They are so cute! You must be busy! I hope that I don't develop the fever to keep the all the guinea pigs that I decide to foster. Right now I have 6!! Started with 3 boys. Have intentions of adopting 3 out to a family, but I can see how I wold fall in love!

06-28-10, 05:14 pm
You have such beautiful pigs! What a great Mama you are! Really proud of you! You are very devoted and the pigs must be truly greatful to have you!

06-28-10, 06:05 pm
We started off with 2, and now look where we are.


I am actually a guy, lol. My girlfriend and i run a rescue here where we are.

guineapigforce.com (http://www.guineapigforce.com)

Check it out :)

06-28-10, 06:33 pm
Opps, my bad! You being a man, I think that is EXTREMELY wonderful, hahaha.. My hubby is a good Daddy too.. Your amazing for what you do for these beautys!

06-28-10, 08:07 pm
Your guinea pigs are so lucky to have you. I love your beautiful family. I can't decide who is the cutest. I completely understand how they just steal your heart. The last guinea pig I decided to foster is staying with me. I just decided this week that she is not going anywhere. lol

06-28-10, 08:37 pm
Amazing. I just went to your website, and looked at all your cages. It's fabulous! You should post pictures in the galleries - I'm sure lots of members could benefit from your ideas. (Especially your stacked cages.)

One thing though, why do you show wheels and yogurt treats in the toys and exercise page? This website clearly states that those things are bad for pigs.

06-28-10, 09:11 pm
GPigsRSweet, I looked at his site too and if you scroll down on the toys page he has it in writing that the wheels are not good, and he has a link for diet.

06-28-10, 09:16 pm
Oh, I see, thanks. I must not have scrolled all the way down. I just hope no one does the same thing I did and get the wrong idea!

06-28-10, 10:20 pm
Yes that is stuff that is NOT good for the guineas.

I can't accept any credit for the website, as my Girlfriend did the whole thing :)

I'm just the cage cleaner, picture taker, and nail clipper! LOL