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03-29-05, 04:32 pm
my 3 pigs aren't litter trained. Should i use fleece? Would it be easier than the aspen i'm using now?

03-30-05, 03:06 pm
My pig wasn't litter trained when I started to use fleece. I then put poop in a litter box and now she knows how to use it. She still poops in other places, so I have to poop scoop every day. You might just have to clean the cage more in the begining, if you train them to user a litter box.

03-30-05, 03:26 pm
Two of my boys litter trained themselves (lucky me.) Their "litter box" is a 2x1 peice of coroplast I cover in newspaper and hay. The other two just go where ever but about 50% of the time in the giant litterbox. They used to not have one, that's why I opted for using fleece then cotton batting then towels, it was much more absorbant.

04-02-05, 06:18 pm
I was using carefresh on my bottom half of the cage and fleece on the top. My pigs pooped everywhere. I just switched to all fleece a couple of days ago and now both my pigs are going into the litter box. They still leave some poops in corner areas and in the hay bin but the fleece really isnt wet. It's amazing!! I am using the carefresh in the liter box. I have fleece and I bought Comply Incontinence pads to go under the fleece. I hope it works well. I will be posting photos of the girls new pad with all fleece!

04-05-05, 09:54 am
I have been using aspen for 5 years now but my allergies are forcing me to seek out other bedding options. I put down newspaper then puppy pads(which doesnt seem to be cost effective) then the fleece on top of that. I cant say one way or another on how I feel about the fleece. It does seem like much more work with changing the fleece every 2 days or I notice a smell. My senior pig loves it though so I am trying to stick it out. Should I invest in these crib pads everyone talks about? Are the washable?

04-05-05, 03:08 pm
I just use 3 layers of newspaper under the fleece and it's fine. Yes, it's a pain to change it every 3 days but the pigs seem sooo happy with it, it's worth it

04-05-05, 03:11 pm
I've been looking for crib pads too. All I can find are cloth diapers. Maybe I'll have to try a specialty store like Babies-r-us or something.

05-22-05, 08:28 pm
I know this is a late post, but have you tried Ebay? You can get used pads for cheap...

I've been looking for crib pads too. All I can find are cloth diapers. Maybe I'll have to try a specialty store like Babies-r-us or something.

05-23-05, 12:45 am
The one thing that everyone needs to understand about litter training pigs is that they can learn to pee in a litter pan/box but they will poo where ever they happen to be in the cage. I highly doubt that there is even one pig in the entire world that is totally litter trained to poo and pee in a litter pan 100% of the time. There are some pigs who learn to use a litter pan and some that don't.