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06-27-10, 01:37 pm
Hello everyone,

Sorry if my English is a little bit messed up, but im from the Netherlands, so English is not my first language.

Im new here, so i thought it was a good idea to introduce myself.

Im Elvira, 21 years old and i live in Gouda, cheese city in the Netherlands.

I study animal care and i work in an animal shelter (i volunteer there). They only have cats and dogs there, no rodents so that's a pity. But i love the work anyway.

I've got 2 guinea pigs. At my family we never had guinea pigs or yes we did have some when i wasn't born yet, but my sister (who was 2 years old at the time) choked them (bij accident) to death. Its a bit sad really.

I have two merino guinea pigs. They are both sisters and almost 12 months old. Right now i have a cage from a pet store on the internet for them, but in a year or so, i'm going to move to my own appartment and then i like to have a c&c cage. It's only a little bit hard to get them here.

I really love all the pictures of the C&C cages. They are so pretty.

Beside my two guinea pics i also have two rabbits. A female and an ex-male, who i got from a shelter. They are 15 months old.

Im trying to put some pictures with this message.

If there are any questions, just ask.

Greetings Elvira


06-27-10, 04:13 pm
Hello and welcome!

That's so sad about your family's past pig. That's exactly why very little kids shouldn't hold living animals. :(

Anyways, your pigs and buns are adorable! Again, welcome!

06-27-10, 04:18 pm

Wow! Those are the prettiest pigs ever!

I think you will like this forum a lot, it is very helpful. Lot's of fun too! And some seriousness.:silly:

I once let a little kid hold my hamster, and she almost squeezed poor Weetamoo in half!


06-27-10, 05:57 pm
Welcome to GPC! Your piggies are SO adorable!

06-27-10, 06:04 pm
Welcome! Your guinea pigs and rabbits are adorable. I hope you love this website as much as I do.

06-27-10, 11:01 pm
Welkom noorderbuur!!! (Welcome neighbor from the North) I'm from Belgium, so you aren't the only Dutch person around.

I love your pets!! Oh, your merino's have such gorgeous hair!!

06-29-10, 08:05 pm
Hello and welcome to the site.

I am new to this site as well but did do a lot of research.from this site before jumping into the world of guinea pigs. I hope you will find this site as useful as I have.

I also wanted to add that your guinea pigs and bunnies are absolutely adorable!:)