View Full Version : my moe needs a new home

03-29-05, 02:22 pm
I have a little piggers that is about 2 years old and I need to find him a new home. He is a sweet little man with mo-hawks all over his body he is black and white and just wonderful. I would love to keep him but I am unable to any longer. He comes with a cage and toys and a bottle and a food dish and even some food to go with it. He needs a nail clipping (I have no car and no way to take him to get it done ) but other then that he is in good shape. I really love him and I will be very sad to see him go but I know he needs a better home then I can give him. I live in walnut creek Ca so if you want him you need to have transportation out here. please contact me if you can give him a good loving home. I will try to get a picture of him later. [email protected]

mom to cujo
03-29-05, 03:26 pm
Where do you live?

03-29-05, 03:52 pm
Where do you live? i live in walnut creek ca the bay area

03-30-05, 10:53 am
OHHHH!!! I live in California!! And Im looking to get a friend for my female!! Awww man, is it a male? Is he neutered?

03-30-05, 11:25 am
i found him a home !!! thanx guys

03-30-05, 11:34 am
That quick? Wow! He must be cute then!