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06-20-10, 09:25 am
A little bit about me. I am getting 2 pigs in August. but one thing l need to ask. I live in a small city (l can't say) and there is NO guinea pigs ever at my shelter. So l am afraid that l may have to get a guinea pig from a pet store. :ashamed: My parents will NOT drive me all the way to the nearest city to get a guinea pig when pet stores have them. l can still get a C&C cage but im ordering it from Sue. Im getting fleece for bedding and i already have a guinea pig on the brink of death :weepy: His name is Buddy. He is 9 years old and all he does is lie around. Im so sad. He has a URI and the vet sadi we should just....... let him go :guilty:. He was in a pet store cage his whole life. It was pretty big maybe a 1X4. The bedding im using is carefresh and when l found this site, it was too late. He already had a URI and was dying. But when l get my new pigs, they will have a 2X5 with 1X2 loft, and l will be using fleece.

06-20-10, 05:01 pm
To be quite honest, I wouldn't get any pigs at all until such time where you could adopt them from a rescue or shelter. Look in your local newspaper, craigslist and petfinder also.

There is absolutely no reason you can't wait to get pigs as buying them from a petstore only contributes to a very cruel and vicious cycle of cruelty and abuse.

I am sorry to hear about your 9 year old pig but feel the vet is wrong. The vet could have given antibiotics to see if there would be an improvement. I wouldn't trust any vet that wouldn't be willing to help no matter the age of the pig.

06-20-10, 07:11 pm
I know! but its too late. Buddy died today :weepy:. So in August we will be getting girls and I hope they will have some at the shelter! I tried Petfinder and they have nothing so I'm going to check the craigslist.

06-21-10, 02:14 pm
Good luck looking on Craigslist...thats where I found my two girls!!!

06-21-10, 03:35 pm
Guinea pigs were very hard to find in my area too when I first started looking for a friend for Izzy. I waited quite a while. Then all of a sudden it seemed like guinea pigs were everywhere. Our local animal shelter even gave me 1 pig for free when I adopted her sister because they had no more room. Then I picked up 2 more in an emergency situation. Becareful, I went from 2 to 6 just like that. Petfinders and Craigslist are probably your best bet if you do not have an animal shelter near by. Good luck on you search.

06-21-10, 03:50 pm
I double checked Petfinder and there is two girls (I want 2 girls) in a city near me 2 hours away. Still haven't checked craigslist

06-21-10, 03:56 pm
OMG gust found 2 pigs in a city closer to me!!! yay!!! two girls!!!! (but im getting mine in August but at least they have some!!):)

06-21-10, 04:58 pm
Great to hear that you're finding something closer to you. As Ly said, there really is no reason to not wait for a rescue or shelter to have a pig or two that needs housing. You may think you're "rescuing" that one piggy from the petstore, but you're really just perpetuating the cycle and emptying the spot to allow another poor piggy to be put in its place. I'm very sorry to hear about Buddy, but I'm sure he lived a happy life as he was able to make it an incredible 9 years! I'm sure the next two piggies you get in August will be raised with that same love!

06-21-10, 05:37 pm
aww thanks! but I just found out that the place the piggies are at are the same distance as the other ones. I will probaly go to the first one because it has more tourarist attractions and we might go to that place that weekend. sp on are way home, we will pick it up.