View Full Version : how many veggies to feed rats every day

06-16-10, 11:42 pm
I have been feeding them a little less than a cup every day. Is that too much or too little for 4 rats. I give them 5 different veggies every day and 1 fruit.

06-17-10, 12:40 am
It depends what you're feeding them I guess, otherwise it sounds fine. If it's too much for them then they won't eat it.

06-17-10, 07:12 am
A cup of veggies for 4 rats *every* day? That's...a lot. Veggies/fruit should be a once a week treat...they really aren't a part of of their natural diet.

What else are you feeding them besides that?

06-17-10, 07:35 am
They get lab blocks and other treats like chicken, cereal, sunflower seeds and other things. I didnt know that fresh foods were treats, I read on many websites that I should give them some every day.

06-17-10, 08:18 am
You can try things like

Cheerios (an absolute favourite!)
Muesli Bars
Yoghurt (Greek/Plain Yoghurt)
Pasta (cooked + raw)
Teething Rusks (Vegetable)
Cooked Chicken bones
Dry Dog Food
Dog Biscuits

My friends rats loved Baby Food (Chicken + Pasta was a hit, and they *always* tried to hoard pizza when I was over...5 female rats...two humans + a slice of pizza...surprisingly the rats nearly won *every* time, those girls were organised! Nutmeg + Custard would sit on our shoulders and distract us, Abby would decided which piece was suitable and Betty + Rue would try and drag it under the couch!)

My meecelings also *love* toast (wholemeal) with a little jam on it. Pumpkin seeds are also a favourite.

The point of all my rambling? Lots of variety is essential for healthy rats.

06-17-10, 10:08 am
My girls LOVE hard boiled eggs. I give 3 of them one cracked one every month. The other girl I have (she's seperated because she fights) gets a half of one. They love dragging them around and eating them.

You can also feed them baby food. Meat and things like carrot and what not. I don't use anything over the "first stage" because after that, they start adding things.

They really like bread.

They really like french fries too. But they don't get those very often.

06-17-10, 10:27 am
They get most of those things you listed. They love cooked chicken bones. I give them a variety, I just thought veggies were supposed to be given daily.

06-17-10, 11:44 am
Veggies can and should be given to rats daily but on a very small scale and only 2-3 things per day on a rotating basis. I've always given my ratties veggies daily. If I give lettuce, it's a piece about the size of a coin half dollar. If it's cucumber, it's a piece about the size of my thumbnail, if it's carrot, it's a very thin matchstick size piece. 1 sprig of cilantro, etc.

1 cup is way too much.

Baby foods aren't the best thing to give rats. It's ok once in a while, but I've only given it sporadically, I've mainly used it for sick rats. Sunflower seeds are very fattening and should be an occasional treat.

You want to be careful of any sugary foods. Cereals need to be very low in sugar and the organic ones are best like the ones from Natures Path and Arrowhead Mills.

Hard boiled eggs are good but they also are pretty high in protein so once a week is fine for those.

I like cooking natural grains for my rats like amaranth, quinoa, brown rice, whole grain pastas, plus I give some of these uncooked too.

06-17-10, 12:01 pm
Thanks, and I dont give them much foods with protein because I know rats, especially males, dont need extra protein. I only give them sunflower seeds and baby food as a treat. I will start feeding them less vegetables and more grains.