View Full Version : Any Vetbed Users

03-28-05, 02:17 pm
I'm checking out the internet to get a little better understanding of this vetbed. If I look closely it sort of looks like carpeting. It seems to have a pile of fuzziness. Doesn't the piggies chew on this? Also is this only available in UK?
Please give me your experiences on this.

03-29-05, 04:35 pm
Same here, i would love to know

03-29-05, 11:43 pm
YOu can get it in the US, But it is wayy expensive, like 30 bucks for a 20x30 peice, plus shipping. I don't know much about it though.

03-30-05, 05:20 am
Hi! I use vetbed. This is how it looks like:

You're in the fact that its really fluffy. Mine's about 1.5 inches thick but you can get different thicknesses. It's really soft and no, my pigs don't chew on it. THe brilliant thing is that all urine is soaked through so for a week and the surface stays completely dry. There is no smell and the poops can be easily cleaned (by a hand vav or dust pan and brush). The igs love sprawling on it and sinking into it.

The downside is the washing. If you can use the washing machine then its fine. I have to wash it by hand and it hurts! It's so good at retaining water so it gets really heavy.

It dries in less than a day which is also good. The shipping charge might not be that much because its really really light. I bought mine off ebay so have a look there.