View Full Version : C&C Would this be ok?!?!

06-15-10, 05:00 am
I have 14 guinea pigs and right now i have the cages...

2....3x7 with 1x3 loft on both sides(3gps)

2....3x8 with 1x3 loft on both sides(4gps)

Is this an okay size for them???

Also i have spare cages that are

4x4 2x5 with 1x2 loft and 3x4:cheerful:

06-15-10, 07:16 am
According to the guide on the home page you are ok. lol I'm imagining you scrambling around trying to get treats made up for all those wheeking piggies!

06-15-10, 07:17 am
They sound huge! The only thing is that the loft size doesn't count toward the size, so your cages are 3x7 and 3x8. But these still seem enormous - lucky pigs!

The recommended sizes are in the table on this page: Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy At Home (http://www.guineapigcages.com/)

06-15-10, 12:50 pm
thanks so much in the 3x7 there are 3 pigs in the 3x8 there are 4

06-15-10, 01:07 pm
Why doesn't the loft space count? I have a cage with a second story--it is a 28" x 42" on the bottom level and 14"X42" on the top. My boys use both spaces to run around in and they love zipping up and down the ramp. The loft area gives them space to be away from each other if they choose and water, food, hay, and even veggies are served on both levels. I have a twig hidey up there as well--at least until they finish it off and it just becomes a pile of twigs. Both levels are usable space for the pigs, so why doesn't the top level count?

06-15-10, 02:04 pm
Pigs don't climb like chinchillas or ferrets, so in a lot of cases, folks build extra levels and it ends up not only being space the pigs don't use, but also taking away from the floor space of the ground level.

06-15-10, 03:58 pm
I know 2nd levels take away from total space, but i would never take away my pigs ramp. They love it!! She oinks, and oinks! everytime she goes up or down it!

06-16-10, 04:49 am
I have two lofts in each cage that is where there food is and they love to go up and down the ramp...especially because i covered it in fleece.