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03-27-05, 06:45 pm
Hi, I'm new to the cavey clan. I just purchase a 7 month year old black and white short haired named Cookies and Cream or CC for short. Cookie is still getting use to the apartment. He is venturing out of his cylinder more and more. Though he does scamper at times. I've done a lot of vacuming the last 3 days. He loves green bell peppers and carrots. However, he isn't liking his peanut butter treats to much. I've been around guinea pigs all my life, first time I've own one of my own. So, it's a process. He still has a few more days before I try handling him more. He likes the place and I did the first partial cage cleaning that went well. I hope to see you all around the forum.

03-27-05, 06:47 pm
Nice to have you aboard. Good luck

03-27-05, 06:48 pm
What kind of peanut butter treats do you have? Treats like this can cause unwanted fat and are usually un healthy.
Yes, In your Cavy experiance, you will definatley do a good bit of vaccuming.
Otherwise, Welcome to the asylum..I mean forum! Have fun!

03-27-05, 06:51 pm
They are Kaytee's crunch arounds. CC doesn't seem to have interest in them. He is suppose to get three since he's all by himself but hasn't touch a one in the last 3 days.

03-27-05, 07:00 pm
Here's a pic of Cookies and Cream.

03-27-05, 07:07 pm
Are you considering a C&C cage?

03-27-05, 07:10 pm
If you have never had a guinea pig before you can go to Guinea Pig Lynx. The link to it is on Cavy Cage's home page. It has a great beginners guide..

03-27-05, 07:25 pm
Welcome Ryan. We are happy to have you here. I just joined Friday and love this site. I have learned a lot from the Cavy Slaves here. I found this site just before I bought my two 5-6 month-old girls. Guinea pigs are very social animals and love to have a cavy companion. Did you just use copy and paste to put Cookie's picture here? I want to post a picture of Lassie and Poppy here as soon as I can take one.

03-27-05, 07:35 pm
Yeah, the pic was copied and pasted. I have his image over at photobucket. He's right now going more and more out of his cylinder, but sudden noises from my neighbors or if I look at him to fast, makes him run back in. When I do get him a companion, I'll look more into a CC cage for CC. Just right now since I haven't started my new job and everything. I'm just getting him up to speed. I'm definantly going to get him a hay wheel. He just devoured what I gave him this morning in the last hour. He got really hungry.

03-27-05, 07:51 pm
Remember they need unlimited hay. When do you plan on getting him a buddy? He really shouldn't be in the cage for too long. You can construct a CC cage for about 30 dollars. Welcome!

03-27-05, 08:17 pm
I'm seeing how the month goes right now. There is an adoption next weekend, so I'll be checking into that. As for the hay situation, I just orded a hay wheel, so that will keep his hay supply at a controlable statis for a bit. Plus it keeps it clean and organized. He isn't running back into his hole when I walk on by now. He's getting a lot better. Funny thing happened, he was trying to get the last piece of lettece out of his veggie bell. He noticed the bell on it and kept hitting it. He hit it hard and it hit him back and then he ran back into his cylinder. He then came out again and tried again and got the lettece. It was so cute.

03-27-05, 09:37 pm
Hi Ryan, welcome! Your piggie is very cute! I have a hay ball and I think they're a great idea to have (my pigs love it!) but they also love to run through and sleep in a big pile of hay (in fact, most of the time that they're not running around their cage, they are just lounging in the hay!). Maybe try stuffing the hay ball and also leaving a pile for him to nest in? :) I used to just have a store bought cage too, for my single pig before I found him a buddy, but since building a c&c cage I've found he's much happier and more active. Like other people have said, they're not expensive and pretty easy/quick to set up. I think I was mostly done in under and hour! Good luck with CC, I'm sure he'll warm up to you more as time goes on :)

03-27-05, 10:02 pm
Once the hay ball gets here, which should be as I completely clean up his cage and add in the new bedding. I used a sample package of the pellet type. Worked well, but when CC would scamper, was all over the place. His cage is going to get a slight remodel this week when I do the clean up, so a hay nest will be included too. My sisters have a 2 year old guinea pig named: Blossom. She's a white albino asky and she just has an open top cage. She's very happy in it when I visit them which is rare since they live in Ohio. Cookie is getting ready for bed, he's cuddled in his cylinder right now. THat means he's about to call it a night, just like me. I work at 6, so I'm off to bed. Talk to you all later.

03-27-05, 10:38 pm
Welcome Ryan! Congrats on your cavy, and good luck with your new job. Sounds like CC is getting to know you very quickly!! We use carefresh, but she still might kick it all over the place. Keep the vaccum handy! There are some great threads on this forum about which veggies people feed and health problems that can come up in the first few weeks. And don't forget to visit the photo gallery! Sweet Dreams.

03-28-05, 12:11 am
YOu will want to think about adopoting your piggy a buddy, go to www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com)

03-28-05, 01:37 am
Hello and welcome to the site. Always good to see a new member joining =)

How much hay do hay balls carry? I'm picturing them to be small but I don't know. If you want to keep the hay tidy then get a hay rack (which can easily be made from a bent grid). It's good that you're looking for a buddy for CC

03-28-05, 01:46 am
Wow sorry, I completely missed the part where your thinking of adopting. Heh, now I feel stupid(er)

03-28-05, 02:16 am
Hi Ruby, welcome to the forum! You can prevent the hay and bedding flying all over the place by fastening clear plastic sheets (don't know the right english word, sorry) at three sides of the cage. this way, you shelter your pigs from draught, too.

Here's a picture which shows the plastic in the background (they were still in their old cage then, now they have LOTS of space).


03-28-05, 03:26 am
Ruby? Its ryan! I think you may mean perspex

03-28-05, 05:22 am
Teria, what is that white stand? I like it.

03-28-05, 07:34 am
Just a quick mention since I see alot of big carrots in cages. Don't feed alot of carrots to your piggies, not good for them, too much vitamin A.

03-28-05, 09:37 am
welcome ryan

03-28-05, 03:19 pm
Yeah, I'm cutting off carrots. CC is a big fan of green bell peppers but I don't want him to get a Vitamin C over dose. Now there would be a mess. The plastic siding is a great idea, and I know my local Lowes has that stuff, look into it tomorrow. My brother's birthday is today, so I have to get a few things ready. CC is doing well today, I threw out the peanut butter treats from his cage. Gave him a cardboard tube with a honey treat in it. He loved that. He was alseep in his hay bed today, and had eaten half of it. He likes that stuff. A friend of mine had a guinea pig they wanted to find a home for, but it was a female, but they found Brownie a home this morning. I'm hitting up an adoption on Saturday, see if there are any cavies looking for a home. CC in the mean time is enjoying his cage and I'm doing the clean up tomorrow.

03-28-05, 03:30 pm
CC is a big fan of green bell peppers but I don't want him to get a Vitamin C over dose. Now there would be a mess.
No, Vitamin C is the best vitamin for them they need lots of vitamin C. It's the other vitamins you have to look out for.

03-28-05, 03:37 pm
Had to laugh... Threw out the peanut butter treat and gave him the honey one... NO! They don't any treats at all - just plain pellets, vegetables, hay and the odd fruit

03-29-05, 12:30 am
Perspex? Plexiglass? Acrylic? Not sure if any of those options are the right one.

03-29-05, 07:43 am
Yeah, I'm cutting off carrots. CC is a big fan of green bell peppers but I don't want him to get a Vitamin C over dose. Now there would be a mess.

Just so you know, you cannot overdose a piggy on vitamin C, so dont worry on that account.

03-29-05, 08:47 pm
1) "peanut butter treats" are bad, please throw them out.
2) You will more than likely find the hay wheel more of a pain than a help because the bars are too close together and everyone I have talked to that have those, say their pigs have trouble getting the hay out of them.
3) Carrots are fine in very small portions a couple times a week. Also, please add more of a variety to his diet. If you search for "veggies" here on the forum, you will find lots of great threads with advise on what types to feed for a more balanced diet.

BTW, welcome to the forum.

03-29-05, 08:50 pm
I dont think you can give to much Vitamin C. with the veggies with low calcium and high vitamin c. the best veggies are red peppers, you can give it to them daily, and also romaine lettuce is great, yeah throw out the peanut treats right away.

03-29-05, 09:09 pm
Oh, I gave CC his first red pepper today and he snatched that slice out of my hand before I could put it down and he devoured it. Yeah, the peanut butter treats are out, the other treat, CC loves. He's been nibbling at it all day. He's been reconstructing his bed all day. He has more fun playing with the new bedding then anything else and he loves his rattle. I had to pick CC up to clean out the cage and he was very quiet and squeeking today. He was very calm in my hands for the brief time. I'll be handling him more this coming weekend. Cookie is pretty much asserted in his home now.

03-29-05, 09:13 pm
Does he have a C&C cage?

03-29-05, 09:15 pm
I'm working on that.

03-29-05, 09:19 pm
:-) Ryan, I can't count the number of times you've been asked about a C&C cage. You're so patient to keep answering the questions about adopting a buddy and getting a C&C cage. Good luck this weekend at the pet adoption.

Perhaps you can move CC into a C&C cage on Friday, and if you adopt on Saturday, then you can use the old pet store cage as a quarantine for the new pig. Might make a smooth transition.

Have you seen the how-to website about introducing a friend? http://cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm

03-29-05, 09:20 pm
SwEEt, youll see how happy he'll be once hes in a huge cage, they'll run laps and popcorn, and all the lil critters happy signs!

03-29-05, 09:22 pm
And the cage stays SO much cleaner. The money you spend on the materials, you'll save in bedding. She is going to be a happy little piggy.

03-29-05, 09:24 pm
WEll, CC is a boy. It's getting things together for a c&c cage. I'm checking the stores tomorrow. I also need to make sure that not only will CC be ok, but his cage won't be in way of anything.

03-29-05, 09:28 pm
You can get grids at target, the coroplast is the tricky part.

03-29-05, 09:31 pm
Oh, I gave CC his first red pepper today and he snatched that slice out of my hand before I could put it down and he devoured it. Yeah, the peanut butter treats are out, the other treat, CC loves. He's been nibbling at it all day.
Welcome, Ryan! Sorry I'm so late in joining the welcome wagon, I've somehow missed this thread (no clue how that happened...)
At any rate, I noticed you mentioned you are giving CC a honey treat. Any commercial treats you find are not good to give our piggers simply because they are high in fats, sugar, and can contain seeds which (along with being high in fat and low in nutrients) can pose a potential choking hazzard for the pigs (especially unshelled seeds). Pigs are not able to properly metabolize sugar, so honey is not a very good choice for a treat. If you would like to give your pig treats, try different types of fruit in small amounts every other day or so (again, in moderation as these too are high in sugar). Good choices are things like grapes, oranges, apples (small quantaties, as they can cause mouth sores), pears, etc. No real reason to give them unnecessary commercial treats when they get so excited over veggies and fruits! :)

Try introducing veggies like a variety of lettuce (any except iceburg, which has no nutritional value), swiss chard, cilantro/corriander, peppers (which I see CC loves already), dandelion greens, mustard greens, bok choy, snow peas and snow pea tops, cucumber, tomato, etc. etc. Many slaves here use a prepackaged mix called "spring mix" which contains a great mix of lettuces and comes completely pre washed. It is only about $3 for a big bag and so makes veggie shopping that much easier. Foods to avoid are ones like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage as they can cause gas and have high levels of calcium which pose the risk for bladder stones and sludge. Also, spinach, parsley, and beet tops (to name a few) are high in calcium, but are fine in moderation (2-3 times a week in smaller portions). Just remember that since pigs cannot store or manufacture their own Vitamin C, they absolutely need a daily supplement of at least a cup of veggies a day per pig, and plain vitamin c supplements (oxbow or human) are fine. I supplement mine with 35 mg per pig per day along with their veggies. Any excess C will be expelled in their urine, so there is nothing to worry about as they cannot overdose!

Good luck finding CC a friend and on collecting supplies for a C&C cage. They make a world of difference in the pig's behaviour and quality of life and are insanely fun to build, and rebuild, and decorate, and rebuild...well you see where I'm going with this!
Talk to you soon!

03-29-05, 09:33 pm
Sorry. CC is a boy. Got it. Good luck hunting for supplies! We bought a roll of linoleum for $18 and laid the bottom of the cubes with that. Much easier to find.

03-29-05, 09:57 pm
No problem with the treats. CC isn't touching his honey one anymore. I'm trying to get him to come out of his shy stage. I know that will come when I start handling him more this weekend. I'm really hoping to find the materials for a c&c cage, I really wish I knew if I"m getting this new job or not. Make a world of difference with my budget at the moment.

03-29-05, 10:08 pm
You shouldnt give your piggies any treats from petstores, they contain un-needed fat and other dangerous chemicls and oils, a while back, without knowing, I bought my parakeet a honey treat, sadly when he ate it all, he died.

03-30-05, 01:59 am
You can get the coroplast at pretty much any sign company. Just make sure you explain to them that you are using it for a guinea pig cage. They may give you a better deal. That is what I did and got it for about $12 for a 4x8 sheet. If you have a truck for transport it is much easier. good luck and welcome.

03-30-05, 07:35 am
You can get the coroplast at pretty much any sign company. Just make sure you explain to them that you are using it for a guinea pig cage. They may give you a better deal. That is what I did and got it for about $12 for a 4x8 sheet. If you have a truck for transport it is much easier. good luck and welcome.
$12 for a sheet? You're lucky! When I bought my coroplast, it cost $28 and the place charged me another $5 just to cut it into a couple of pieces so it would fit in my car! Oh well, still worth it for my piggies to have a bigger cage.

03-30-05, 08:57 am

I've got a hay wheel, but it's not the only source of hay. It's more of a fun way to give hay. Phoebe loves sitting in hay, but she also likes to spin the hay wheel around & have a nibble. I like giving her the option to do both.

Considering you're going to have to clean the cage out anyway, having some hay scattered around isn't really going to make much of a difference. Have you seen how much poop these guys produce? Hay is the last of your worries ;)