View Full Version : Size 2x4 with loft or 2x5 - which is better?

06-10-10, 01:35 am
So my daughter and I are going to get 2 piggies this Saturday. We're adopting them and they come with a C&C cage that is 2x3.5. We're getting 2 males and they are used to this cage and I've been told they don't fight, but we plan on making the cage larger. Any ideas on which would be better - a 2x4 with a partial or full second story that would have a kitchen, or a 2x5 and maybe some day we would add up. I'm ordering piggybedspreads, so need to decide on the size. Since they are used to their cage I figure it can wait a little bit, but as soon as the bedspreads are ready I want to make the cage bigger. Thanks!

06-14-10, 10:48 pm
I had a 2 x 4 with loft and I hated the loft!I couldn't clean well under it and the piggies never went up the ramp. I know have a 2 x 5 and loving the easy access!

06-14-10, 11:00 pm
2x4 with a loft obviously takes up less space, but the loft is kind of a pain. At least for me because I have to tuck my fleece. But since you are getting bedspreads it probably wouldn't be as bad for you.
2X4 w/loft = Takes up less space, harder to clean/catch piggies.
2X5= Takes up more space, easier to clean/catch piggies

06-14-10, 11:00 pm
If you have space, go with the biggest size you can accomodate. They'll enjoy the extra space.

06-14-10, 11:52 pm
A 2x5 hands down.

06-15-10, 01:28 am
:sad:I appreciate the advice, and wanted to do a 2x5, but when I measured again I realized I need to go with a 2x4 with a loft. The 2x5 just won't fit, and I really don't have anywhere else to put the cage. So my husband and I are going to study cage photos and come up with a plan for a loft. I'm hoping my piggies will climb up a ramp - I thought I would make the loft the kitchen area and that would help keep the main area clean.

06-15-10, 06:26 am
Bigger is always better. For us though, we have a upper kitchen area and my girls love it. Going up and down the ramp appears to be fun for them.

Lil Fella's Mom
06-15-10, 07:02 am
If these are the only two options, i have to say a 2x5 because only the bottom floor counts as square footage. However, if you plan on adding a separate "bin" at the bottom for the kitchen, which would not allow for zoomies through the kitchen, it would be the same as the 2x4 with a loft. Did that make sense????

06-15-10, 07:05 am
It did to me:)

07-06-10, 10:05 pm
We have the 2x4 with loft, which is the kitchen/litterbox area, and I love it! It keeps the lower level free for them to run and play, and I use fleece so easy to clean. The litter box lifts out, so I just dump that and change the fleece pad in the kitchen part. Hope that helps, check out the picture in my profile!

07-06-10, 10:53 pm
Peanut - I just showed my husband your cage photos and we both think we might do something really similar. Do you feel like the loft is the right size, or would bigger be better? Thanks!

07-07-10, 02:09 pm
Peanut - I just showed my husband your cage photos and we both think we might do something really similar. Do you feel like the loft is the right size, or would bigger be better? Thanks!

I thought about making a bigger loft, but with the smaller size the lower level is easier to clean, and also easier to get the pigs out. Because I have a 2x4, the ramp isn't as steep either with the smaller loft, if that makes sense.

07-07-10, 02:13 pm
I put fleece on my ramp. Most of my guinea pigs were afraid because they kept on slipping and so I put fleece on it and the dont slipt anymore but yet they have a good grip.

07-07-10, 03:42 pm
I just added a loft to my 2 by 5 and put my kitchen up there. They were very quick to go up the ramp because that was where the food was. Another thing I would recommend when adding a loft that is your full kitchen is to make sure there is still a water bottle of the first level, as well as a litter box if they are trained.

07-07-10, 05:46 pm
I agree with what everyone is saying, the loft is really annoying to have to clean under, so I definitely think a 2x5 would be better, especially for 2 males.