View Full Version : Hi There from Vancouver WA

06-09-10, 10:23 am
Okay, this is my first post on here and I am soooo glad I found a site that is very helpful with piggie stuff! Me and my hubby have two little girl piggies, Carmel (3) and Alfie (5). We first got Carmel from the pet store (I know, I know, bad thing!) but after a while, we decided to adopt another. We got Alfie from the humane society. They have been a wonderful addition to our family. Also, a couple of months ago, we have adopted a cat, Poppi, who is AFRAID of our pigglets (as we like to call them!) We get a kick out of watching the cat run the opposite direction when the pigglets are out on floor time.:cheerful: But please, don't worry, we watch both the pigglets and the cat! We do not like to let them unattended, even our C&C cage as a lid on it so that our cat can't get in. Okay, I think I have said enough about us. lol