View Full Version : General sexing baby guinea pig

06-06-10, 05:06 pm
Monday will be 21 days to separate my piggies. The problem is the genitals all look the same so we can't figure out which is which. Even after looking at pictures online. The babies cry all day. The mother is tried of nursing them. My Fiance is to the point where if the noise don't die down they all most go. I posted an ad to find new homes for two of the babies but I need to know their sex. I cant separate them without knowing. What do I do before fiance gets rid of them all?

06-06-10, 05:54 pm
Try taking some pigtures of them and post them here. We might be able to tell if the picture is clean enough.

06-07-10, 12:29 am
Do you have a good vet you can take them to?