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06-05-10, 07:17 pm
Finally, I got a pic of our piggies up! Time for me to introduce myself and our piggies.. I am a 37 year old, married, mom to a toddler named, Gracie. I am handicapped from Lupus with organ involvement, heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, etc.. Having my daughter made my disease progress and I have a poor prognosis. Not able to have any more children, I have decided to get some more pets. We already have 2 cats, 1 dog, now our new children are 2 Abby Guinea pigs, who are 5 months old. Their names are Lady and Daddy, although they are both girls, my dear daughter, Gracie named them. :) How could I saw no to her names, lol.

Lady and Daddy, our family would like to thank all the members, the website for helping us learn so much since we got our babie on April 23rd. They now have a great C & C cage, I am buying bulk Oxbow hay, we have changed their diet to Oxbow pellets/unlimited Oxbow hay and are introducing vegies with the help of the site's wonderful diet charts! We also are using fleece and are just thrilled to be here and have learned so much so that our piggies lives can be so much better! Thank you all for being so helpful to us, our piggies thank you too! (wheek, wheek!)

Daddy is our brown, carmel, black and white guinea pig and Lady is our white, black and carmel Guinea Pig. They are such a delight and we all adore them so much! Again, thanks for all your help with our babies!! We cannot thank you enough for all the tips and advice, we have learned so much! Sorry, I was so late with the introduction, I could not figure how to get their pic up, hubby got it though.

06-05-10, 08:37 pm
Daddy and Lady! (Both girls)

06-05-10, 08:59 pm
And I feel the same about learning so much on this site!


06-05-10, 09:22 pm
Thank you, we love them soooooo much! They are a hoot! Daddy has a BIG personality and is always talking! Always! She constantly coos when you touch here, although catching her is another story. WAY FAST! When we open the top of their cage, she runs down the ramp, jumps into her hay bin, run through her tunnel back up the ramp as soon as we open the bottom, lol! Little stinker to catch, but very sweet once you can get her. Lady, was ironically given the best name for her by my 3 year old, she is in fact a Lady. Very quiet, coos every once in a while, very quietly, never talks to often, only once in a while. She will fall asleep on your lap, she is a doll. My 3 year old sits on the floor holding her on her lap in a cuddle cup for an hour and never moves. She loves to lick our chins. Very, very very sweet. Daddy is the more dominant one and will steal food out of Lady's mouth sometimes! She is truly a little piggie and LOVES to eat. We have to make sure Lady gets her fair share of vegies, because Daddy is a tad greedy even though we have 2 bowls, lol. They are both a joy and very different personalities. Even though Daddy is the girl, her name ironically suits her too, because she appears to be the man of the house persay, hahahaha

06-05-10, 09:47 pm
Yeah they can make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside!!

06-05-10, 10:48 pm
Oooh, optical illusion piggies!! At first I saw just one fat-faced piggie, half black, half white. Now I see that it is two piggies arranged parallel.
Those little snuggle-bunnies! They look highly pignappable!

06-05-10, 10:56 pm
They are very stinkin' cute!

06-06-10, 07:55 am
Hahaha, thanks! We love em!

06-06-10, 08:23 am
Super cute pigs! We are new pig owners too!