View Full Version : Crusty Eyes My baby may be blind.

05-29-10, 12:49 am
Ah.. Apologies for not speaking much. I've been so preoccupied. My last forum was about my guinea pig Zephyr. Who died unexpectedly, leaving his poor cagemate, Zombie, behind.

As an update. We bought Zombie a new mate, Baffle. A pretty calico male cavy, who seems to be at the moment going through puberty. Mean, Mounting, Food stealing puberty. However, this is not the issue. I've noticed recently that Zombie tends to stay in one side of the cage. And ever since we had to move the food and water, it isn't being consumed as much. But when I shake the bottle he comes running. It didn't dawn on me until I noticed that he wasn't responding to my movement toward him, but jumped when I touched him that he may be blind. His eyes are also crusting a bit

I can not go to the vet for several more days, has anyone got any advice for the subject in hand?

06-04-10, 10:27 am
Crusty eyes are a classic sign of an upper respiratory infection. Waiting for several more days may be too late, since untreated URIs can quickly develop into pneumonia, which is harder to treat and often fatal.