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09-24-03, 04:12 pm
Hi :)
We are new here. We have a spoiled piggie named Mr Pigg, and we are afraid he is becoming a bit too chubby from lack of exercise. He does not seem to like running on carpet much and with the cold weather coming in, (we live in Minnesota) he will not be able to run around outside much longer. We do give him plenty of running time inside too, but he prefers to sit still, or climb into our laps for company. For a 2-year "gotcha day" present, we would like to get him a larger cage, so that hopefully he will lose a bit of weight & continue to be our happy little friend. We have been studying the cavy cages website, and are planning on making him a 2x4 cube & coroplast home.

We are also considering making him a platform to climb onto, (he does so like to be able to see what we are doing!) but are a little worried about a few things. First, wouldn't the edges of the coroplast be sharp & cut his tender feet? And second, will he know not to leap from the platform down onto the ground level, or if he DOES jump, will he be okay?

09-24-03, 04:21 pm
Sorry, I should have included this to start with. Mr. Pigg is our ONLY pet, so we do not need to worry about larger animals getting ahold of him or enclosing the top at all. His current home is a "pet store" 17"x30" house with a detachable platform that he rarely uses.

We are also considering adopting a second male piggy, but are unsure yet whether or not we will do this. Would a 2x4 cage really & truly be large enough to keep two piggies happy? Thanks!
In HIS Love,

Shamrock and Dove
11-10-03, 09:27 pm
Hello. :)

I have never had any trouble with Guinea Pigs escaping out of Creative Cube cages, even my climbers were not interested in escaping. If you're still worried you can attach creative cubes to the top side of the cage to prevent them from succesfully going over the edge. I hope I was able to help you and Mr. Pigg.


11-11-03, 10:52 am
Hi and welcome,

I think it's very good that you're planning to get a friend for Mr Pigg - as you have probably read boars don't always get along - BUT - even if they can't live in the same cage I really believe your piggies life will improved for having another piggie near by. (My boys Zack and Humbug fought and had to be seperated yet used to sleep side-by-side with the grids between and when Humbug died, and before we'd got a new friend, Zack pined and lost so much weight we thought we'd lose him also...)

I think a 2x4 would be fine for 2 piggies, but if you have the room and just in case they do not get along a 2x6 or 3x4 would allow you to put up a divider and still have a good sized cage for each of them, or maybe just bear in mind that your plans might need to change...

Re. Sharp edges our boys often perch their front feet up on the coroplast (begging for food!) and never show signs of discomfort

Re. jumping down - you could always use grids on the platform, except where the ramp up is to stop him jumping, or even set the platform lower than 14" (one grid) high. My boys have all managed to jump down at various times without signs of harm, except to our hearts when we hear the thump of them landing!