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nur azua
05-23-10, 12:57 am
HI everyone..i'm Wawa..From Malaysia..just got 2 guinea pigs..hehe..they named as Suha and Milo..btw, i've been with them only for 2 months..i got them from a friends for free..because he want to move out somewhere,so he had to let go his gp..since i'm a newbie in keeping guinea pigs..so,i need a lot to learn..for the moments,i've a problem in cleaning their cage. i have to clean it everyday since they poo n pee wherever they like..the previous owner nvr teach them to litter train..that's a problem for me now.:confused:.anyone who are expert on this,hope u can help me..hehe..lol oh yes,for the info..Suha is pregnant..she's already pregnant when the previous owner gave her to me..both of my gp are females..hope everyone here can give me the advise in keeping my gp healthy and happier ever..:love:

06-02-10, 12:27 pm
Welcome! I hope you learn a lot from this site. :)

06-02-10, 12:45 pm
Hi, I am a newbee too and will be getting my cavies on Saturday. I am soo excited, the breeder has shown me pictures and I got to meet them today.They are sOOO cute and sweet!!!!v My husband made a 3 story home for our guys, I hope they like it.
I am very glad for this website, I have learned a lot and I know now how to get them started in a happy home.
Thanks again for all the helpful informaton, I know I will be back

06-02-10, 02:10 pm
Welcome! You've done a good thing coming to this site. You'll find lots of great info here!

I would first make 100% sure that both of your guinea pigs are female. Just going by the name and the fact that one is pregnant, I would imagine that it's possible that Milo is male. It never hurts to make sure. I would house them separately until you know for sure.

Also, what size cage are you using? If you always have a mess with the poop and urine, the problem might be the cage size. A bigger cage would make for easier cleaning and happier pigs.

I would check out the threads on diet here on the site. They have some very helpful information about the types of veggies/greens and how much/how often they should be given.

Good luck! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. There are plenty of knowledgeable people here and again, welcome :-)

06-14-10, 12:51 pm
Hi Wawa!
I am new as well, we adopted our first Guinea Pig last month, and she was pregnant too. She had 3 babies last week, and all are doing well. I agree with previous poster to make sure that both are females! Good luck, and post any questions, everyone here is very helpful!

06-15-10, 07:35 am
Hi Wawa! Enjoy your girls:) You'll find amazing info here.