View Full Version : Newly Adopted!

05-19-10, 12:29 pm
These are my first guinea pigs, Daphne and Velma, both are about 1 year old. Daphne is the red head and Velma has the dark brown head, looks like a bob cut hairstyle. I drove an hour and a half to get them from 4 Lil Pigs n Buns in St. Pete, Fl. The head of the group was awesome (if you know anyone who needs a rabbit, they're currently overrun with them). These two had been with the group for sometime and the lady couldn't figure out why, but it seems they were waiting for me! I plan on being as informed as possible and this forum seems to be the way to go.
RIP Cubby, what an awesome rabbit. Because of you I know how something so small can make an enormous difference.

05-30-10, 01:36 pm
Very cute girls! Welcome, I am new too!