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maynards pigs
05-14-10, 10:04 pm
I just wanted to introduce myself and our piggies. I have been "lurking" since just after we became piggie owners but have been a little nervous to post...our pigs did come from a pet store-bought by grampa for my kids (and me). Our first one came from a family owned pet store her name is Isabelle (Izzy for short) our other 2 girls, Rosie and Brownie, unfortunatly came from Petland both had mites and unbeknownst to us were pregnant. So now 3 guineas have become 7. They were all born just this week each had 2 babies. I must admit I did know about adoption, 5 hours just seemed a long drive and I really did not realize how bad the pet store and breeder situation was I guess I just never thought about where the animals come from- dumb I know. But I think alot of people think like that kind of "out of site out of mind" we just see cute animals not what is behind the scenes. It makes me sad to think of what my girls went through before we got them. My eyes are open now. So I wanted to get that out of the way because I do love our piggies and the information I have gotten off this site has been amazing and so helpful. So thank you all for that. I know I will have a ton of questions in the near future I am really wanting to build a C&C cage and I will need to learn how to sex these babies-but then I may just have the vet do that I don't know if I trust myself to do that. So hello from Kim (Mikey & Rachey) and Izzy, Rosie, Brownie and (babies-Toad, Mini, Bandit and Mouse) and I will try and post some pictures this weekend. Oh I almost forgot all 3 of our girls are around 5 months old. And I will either try to find good homes for our babies and if thats not possible I will keep them (I'll probably be sleepin in the dog house for awhile on that one) my husband thinks we have enough animals...1 dog, 2 cats, a turtle and now 7 guineas:rolleyes:.

05-15-10, 03:27 pm
Welcome. Thank goodness you know not to buy from pet stores now. If you need anything. let me know!

05-15-10, 06:20 pm
Welcome! Can't wait to see pics of all the pigs! There's a ton of great information on this site.

The pig from Petland were pregnant, eh? So much for Petland's claim that they prevent pregnant pigs by keeping males in one store and females in the other.

maynards pigs
05-15-10, 07:40 pm
Ha ha that's just what I was thinking when I read that and the Petland I got them from did NOT sell only one sex because the employee had to sex them, if they were all one sex that would not have been needed.

Pig Mama
05-16-10, 10:19 am
Oh man! I don't know why, but I wasn't expecting the part about Rosie and Brownie having babies! Sadly, that happens too many times! 4 babies might not be too hard to find homes for! Especially if you can send them out in pairs. I'd start talking to all my friends about what wonderful pets guinea pigs make. You wouldn't be lying! They rarely bite, unlike hamsters and gerbils. Tell them the guinea pig is the new cat! LOL! I had to check out your thread since I am new too and our names are so close! I'm not sure how long it will be before the post gets to you, but good luck!

maynards pigs
05-21-10, 04:27 pm
Okay, so trying to post some pictures but not going so well-can anyone help? I tried putting them right in this post and I have also tried uploading them to my profile so I could pull them from there nothing seems to be working and when ONE does upload its not there? I really wanted to put them in my intro. What am I doing wrong?

05-21-10, 07:14 pm
If you click on the icon over the text box that looks like a mountain with a sun, that will allow you to insert a picture. It won't appear in the "preview" but once you post, the pic should show up. It's also possible that being a "newbie" has something to do with it. I'm not entirely sure what newbies can and can't do.

maynards pigs
05-22-10, 09:16 am
http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=815&pictureid=5416&thumb=1 http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=815&pictureid=5398&thumb=1 http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=815&pictureid=5423&thumb=1
Okay I think I got it now! 1st picture is (Aunt) Izzy& Mouse,Rascal & Mini, 2nd photo is Brownie, and last is Rosie and Izzy.

maynards pigs
05-22-10, 09:18 am
I could only post 3 at a time and I had one more so here is Toad (Rosies baby) and Rascal (Brownies baby).

05-23-10, 07:23 am
Welcome to GPC!!! It is very important, though, that if you get a new pig. Adopt. :)

Very very very cute!! I like brownie!

maynards pigs
05-26-10, 02:29 pm
hmm...7 pigs now I don't think I will be getting anymore new pigs. I will definitely tell all I know to adopt rather than buy though :)

05-26-10, 04:40 pm
:p! I know what you mean!