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05-14-10, 04:34 pm
Just wanted to pop in and say "hello"! My name's Cara and I'm the proud owner of a beautiful (but very rounded!) piggy called Snoop. He'll be 4 in July.

I discovered this site about two weeks ago and have just tonight finished building my first C&C cage. Up until last Sunday, we also had Dre, but he sadly lost his battle against a very short (but aggressive) brain disorder. :weepy: Hubby and I both miss him so much and wish he could have been around to see the lovely new home we've built for his brother to live in.

We're hoping to rescue another piggy some time in the near future to keep little snoop company. Until then, he's getting lots (and lots) of attention and is just loving his new home.

Looking forward to being party of this wonderful piggy-community. :D

Cara (and Matt (hubby) and Snoop)

05-14-10, 04:55 pm
Hello and welcome!
I am very sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.

05-14-10, 05:09 pm

That's too bad about your little piggy...But at least his brother will get to use the new cage.

If you need anything, let me know!