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03-24-05, 11:48 am
I am building a 2x4 cage for my piggies and I was wondering on the dimensions of the shelving to make the "flip top for the front portion of the cage shown at this URL:
http://imageevent.com/cavyspirit/cavycagesclosedcubecoroplast (http://imageevent.com/cavyspirit/cavycagesclosedcubecoroplast) The Cavy Cages website mentions that the dimensions to make the top come in the instruction brochure but since I am making it myself, I need help!

Any info you can send me would be greatly appreciated by me and my piggies!


03-24-05, 02:51 pm
What you really need to do is measure the top part of the cage from side to side and add about 1" or so to both sides. You can find the shelving at places like Home Depot or Lowes and have them cut it to exact dimensions.

03-24-05, 09:18 pm
Here you go - this is what is listed on the directions that come with the cage:

Materials you will need to purchase:

(2) 61” lengths of 16” linen-style shelving

Small end caps to cover the cut edges

Optional: slightly thicker cable ties

Linen-style has 1 ½” overhang as pictured. It’s not critical to use this style, but it does work well. Ask your local home improvement center to cut two pieces to the above measurements. Picture also shows end caps over the cut edges.

Place both shelving pieces on top of the cage with the overhang on the outside of the cage. Attach one of the lengths as the non-lifting side to the cage with cable ties. Attach the other piece only where the two meet using 4 (or more) cable ties as hinges.

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I can also email you the full directions if you'd like. Just email me [email protected]