View Full Version : Lethals Is my boy a Lethal?

05-11-10, 10:55 am
I am not new to guinea pigs in any sense I have had them for the last 20 years and have rescued and rehabilitated plenty of pigs. I have however in those years ever had experience with lethals.

Went to my local pet shop the other day and noticed this little sick pig. I got him out and right away saw the drool and a top tooth sticking straight out of his mouth. He was severely underweight with a cough. I took him up to the owner just to let her know he needed treatment. Knowing that I know quite a bit about pigs she asked if I would take him and try to help him. It looked pretty grim but I couldn't leave him there.

Got him home, got him on antibiotics and filed and shaped the tooth that was sticking out to as normal as possible. Gave him a bowl of food and some veggies and critical care though he had no interest in that and went to eating food and veggies right away. To my delight and surprise(I really didnt think he had much of a chance in the condition he was allowed to reach) over the next couple of days he seems to have gotten quite a bit better eating and drinking fairly normally. He has gained a good amount of weight though still needs to put quite a bit more on.

Then I got to looking at him and he just looks odd. Hes pure white(nothing odd about that except I know lethals are white) His eyes are tiny and reflect a funny color. His teeth, the front top one I filed will probably need constant filing as it is almost in front of and crooked of the other tooth, looks to be growing out that way and not due to a break like I originally thought it could be. The bottoms look ok other then not wearing properly because of the tops being crooked. The back teeth I did take a look at look ok although he is still fairly young that may change with time. He does have a head tilt and testing him I am almost positive he cant hear anything.

I am fairly certain this guy is a lethal though like I said I haven't had experience with them and wanted a couple more opinions to either confirm or deny my suspicions. If he is if there is anything else I should be doing or any experience with lethals would be great too. He seems happy enough and eats ok so I would just like to let him live his life as normally and spoiled as possible.

He is still on quarantine, but after that might he benefit from another young(male) pigs company?

here he is just this morning, the drool like spots you might see near his mouth are no longer wet his fur is just matted and balding in those spots since he was left like that. He will get a groom and bath eventually but just no need to stress him over that yet.

05-11-10, 11:18 am
From photos I've seen of lethals, their eyes will not turn out on photos looking dark such as your pigs eyes did. In photos they will turn out pink to white in color. This pig does not look like a lethal to me.

He could be just a pig with teeth issues. If the petstore is breeding their own pigs or getting them from people who are inbreeding, that could be a cause right there.

05-11-10, 11:25 am
there is no flash, its from my cell phone indoors. When the sunlight is on his eyes they reflect black light pink/white in the pupil. It looks really odd compared to any pink eyed pig I have ever seen.

Might be good news for him though.

The pet store that I know of doesn't breed their own pigs but his parentage is obviously unknown, I do know they dont buy from a wholesaler.

05-11-10, 11:47 am
Bless you for taking the poor little baby...I don't care if he's from a pet store or not! It's NOT HIS fault!

05-18-10, 02:10 pm
My Lily's eyes are dark normally but reflect back pink when in the sunlight and are always pink in pictures with flash. She's mostly white with some brown spots and totally healthy. I don't know much about lethals but it seems to me from the stories I've heard of mis-breeding accidents that lethals don't survive to adult age. Your pig could verily just have been dealt a bad hand in the teeth department.