View Full Version : Personal Pages?

Slap Maxwell
03-23-05, 06:00 pm
This probably isn't possible, but I was wondering if 'personal pages' could be created. Beginner HTML or something could be used, where each member had a page to say things about themselves, their pigs, and their cages.

Just a suggestion.

03-23-05, 06:08 pm
Have you ever looked at someones profile? I think they cover everything your asking for.

Slap Maxwell
03-23-05, 07:12 pm
No, it covers only the basics, and does not give you unlimited writing space.

03-24-05, 12:38 am
I think if you want to create something like that find a free host, make your webpage, then link it in your profile here.

03-24-05, 02:39 pm
That would be so cool! I don'y think its possible though, but great idea.