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05-04-10, 01:00 pm
Sorry I never introduced myself. I've been a member here for more than a month now but it's not to late. I kinda wanted to wait till I got another guinea pig because it says only one introduction per member so I thought this way it would make more since. Anyway,

I've had a guinea pig a little over a year now and I've had my second guinea pig for almost two weeks.

My first Piggy, Lightning, is a great piggy. I got him from a pet store (I totally regret it and will never do it again) and he looked healthy at first but then in about a week a blood scab appeared on his ear and it became all crust and flaky. He itched a lot also. We found out he had mange mites. We treated it and he's all better now. He is a very healthy piggy. Get's 8 different veggies a day, unlimited timothy hay and 1/8 cup of Oxbow Cavy Cuisine daily. He popcorns all the time. Here's a pigture of him-


Then there's Thunder, my newly adopted piggy. I adopted Thunder from some owners who did not take good care of him and they did not want him anymore. They didn't feed him a veggie his whole life (2 yrs) fed him unlimited Kaytee pellets (pellets that are super unhealthy for guinea pigs). But they did give him timothy hay (I found that out. As you might see in a thread a while ago I said they didn't feed him any timothy hay) They had never trimmed his nails in his whole life so they were super long. And we think he has mites but the vet said he didn't he's just getting used to the new environment and diet. But I want to treat for mites just in case. I trimmed his nails, he's eating veggies now and healthy Oxbow pellets and unlimited timothy hay. He has a bald spot on his back but the vet said that was part od the change but like I said I want to treat any way. But other than his health problems, he's very noisy, loves attention and adores to be held. Here is a pigture of him -


Sorry my camera doesn't have the best quality.

05-04-10, 01:20 pm
What adorable piggies, my goodness!!!