View Full Version : Where can I get Coroplast in the Berkeley area?

04-21-03, 02:52 pm
Can anyone help me find a source for Coroplast in Berkeley, preferably near downtown?


Briana D
04-22-03, 09:42 am
Go to www.cavycages.com and click on the Find Materials button on the left side.

If nothing is listed near you then pull out a phone book and start calling around.

04-22-03, 11:22 am
The script isn't working at the moment. I think it's a problem with my hosting company. They are working on it.

04-22-03, 03:00 pm
When building my cages, I called many places in the east Bay Area. Most places didn't sell sizes big enough or were demanding outrageous prices. So I settled on linolem as a base. It has worked out for me. Easy to clean and manipulate.

Chewing can be an issue but this topic has been discussed in previous forums. Because I fold parts of the linolem to enforce certain walls, they can be too thick to use binder slips. So I just fold paper bags and slip it over the walls on problem areas. The pigs will than chew on the bags sometimes. But they eventually get bored of it and go munch on hay or toliet paper tubes.

05-28-03, 12:43 pm

I ended up buying my Coroplast at the El Cerrito branch of TAP Plastics on El Camino. Nobody else in the area seemed to have it. I think I paid around $20 for the sheet--they cut it to size for me. My piggies are so happy with their C&C cage! Now when I look at the old cage they came home in, I can't even imagine how I could have waited so long (well, a week or two) with them living in that tiny prison. They aren't even excited about floor time anymore--seems like a good sign that they have enough exercise in their cage. They just race around the C&C cage popcorning like crazy.

12-01-03, 03:35 pm
cavycages.com/where.htm (http://cavycages.com/where.htm)

I just posted there, you can get it from
Same Day Signs
5327 Jacuzzi Street
Richmon, CA 94804

Tell her it's for guinea pigs, should be like $15 or less.


PS - this is next to Golden Gate fields where you can get very cheap kiln dried pine and timothy hay. It's also near Costco where you can get cubes for $13.99 ($15.04 after tax).

12-05-03, 01:11 am
I was aware that David Blazing sells timothy hay at Golden Gate fields. But where is the kiln-dried pine?

12-09-03, 02:55 pm
I only repeated the information about the pine at GG fields, I'll have to try to find the post where the details are located, but for right now that's all I know.