View Full Version : Just Delivered New babies!!!

04-30-10, 10:34 pm
As I posted before I had a pregnant piggie. Had. Tonight around 8:15 pm central she gave birth!! Everything went great. We had five healthy babies. Everyone is running around and making noises. This means I now have 10 guinea pigs!! :O I hope to be able to find them homes when they are ready, or if I can find a way to give them all great care to keep them all. Although I don't know how easy that would be. :/

Sadly, I wasn't home when she delivered but my boyfriend was. He said it took 15-20 minutes and that he actually missed the birth because he went to get a drink. I guess she wanted some privacy lol. We are working on pigtures, I hope to post them in the next few minutes on this thread.

p.s I wasn't sure where to post this so I hope it's in the right thread.

p.p.s Is anyone in or around Oklahoma looking to add to their herd?

04-30-10, 10:42 pm
Horray!!! Happy to hear everything went well! I can't wait for pigtures either! i wish I lived closer I would take one off your hands....lol!!

04-30-10, 11:05 pm

There is an album up now to with bigger and more pigtures.

04-30-10, 11:16 pm
How precious are they!
Your're so lucky!
I'm sure they're in great hands.
Unfortunately I live all the way in California! DARNIT!

04-30-10, 11:24 pm
They are so cute! I love that guinea pigs are born with fur and eyes open!! So cute!!!!

04-30-10, 11:31 pm
Aren't they darling! Congrats to you and mummy for a successful birth, you all must be so tired!

05-01-10, 05:35 am
They are very cute!! Have you named them??? Hehe, I would love to help...


05-01-10, 06:03 am
Oh! What darling babes. I love the multicolored pattern. 10 piggies ! The mama pig is so lucky to have you to care for all of them. Good luck with the next stage, and finding their forever homes.

05-01-10, 06:27 am
AWEEEE!! So cute!

05-02-10, 07:10 pm
Good news guys! I went to talk to a local rescue, that knows me since they set-up at the local petsmart I worked at, and they said they would help me find homes for the babies when they are old enough! She admitted that she didn't know that much about guinea pigs but since I was willing to put together some info and "foster" them until they found a home that would be fine! I know I will miss them a bunch, but it's nice that such a good rescue is going to help me. :) I just wanted to keep you guys updated.