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04-29-10, 04:49 am
Ok so i arrived on this site a few years back looking for help with my pigs and with several differences of oppinion ect i ended up with myself getting cavy caged.
I do and always will stand by what i have said and what i think is right but i am happy to turn a blind eye in order to help educate others on cavy care.

The first time I was here I had a small herd of 5 pigs and this how now changed to a herd of a wopping number 16.
I found the Australian cavy sanctuary and i fell inlove with these little critters.

So I am now going to re-introduce myself and my herd in hopes i can become more active.
My name is Emma I am a proffional canine stylist and run my own grooming salon.

My pigs are as follows..

Short haired Crested, Buff,4 years old (my first ever guinea pig).

Pruvian mix, Buff, 31/2 years old (honey's daughter).

Coronet mix, deep brown agouti, desexed boar(produce rescue)
(some of you will remember these pigs)

Abby mix, golden agouti, almost 1 year old (first ever adoption).

Short haired, Black white and red roan, almsot 1 year old.

Fairy Floss(.F)
Pure breed texel, Himilain, almost 2 years old.

Abby mix, tri colour, almost 2 years old(first ever foster pig).

Short haired, red, almost 5 years old(RSPCA adoption).

Shelti mix, tri colour, almost 2 years old.

Sheltie mix, golden agouti, almost 2 years old (bella's sister).

Short haired, PEW, almsot 2 years old.

Pure breed shelti, red and white, almost 2 years old(RSPCA rescue).

Short haired, choc and white, almost 3 years old.

Rex mix, Lilac, almsot 1 year old.

Pure breed Alpaca, PEW, almost 8 months old (ACS adoption).

Razzle Dazzle(.F)
Rex, choc tri, almost 1 year old (most recent adoption).

Ok I hope that made scence I will get pics up of them as soon as i can. They all live in a HUGE 5 level wooden bank cage in my guinea pig shed. Fleece bedding with kitchen areas and plenty of hay, mix and vegies.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about them.:)
(hope there are not to may grammer errors)

04-29-10, 06:06 am
Need pics!!!! :)

04-29-10, 06:16 am
As you have a mix of males and females and have said they all live in one cage, can we safely assume that all the males are neutered??

04-29-10, 06:19 am
They live in a bank style cage Wally is my desexed boy he lives with his girlies the other boys or on a sperate bank level. Will make more sence with pics I am re-sizing them now..