View Full Version : Newbie looking for guinea pig information

04-28-10, 09:46 am
Hi all..I'm newbie here and i don't have any guinea pig yet..I want to know how to take care of them first then I will try to adopt some guinea pig to accompany me..I think i must know the details about those piggy first, how to build the cage, their food and toys..if not maybe i will harm them and don't know what to do with them..then after I think i'm know well to take care of them, i will looking for any adoption in my country..see you guys around this forum..:)

by the way, where is the sub-forum which referring how to litter train the piggies?? :confused:

04-28-10, 02:13 pm
Hi and welcome.

Threads about litter training can be found in the "About Cages" forum.

04-28-10, 02:35 pm
Welcome, and kudos for doing your research BEFORE adopting a pet. :)

04-28-10, 02:48 pm
This is a VERY helpful forum. I was blind to anything guinea pig before I found this forum. I wish I too would have researched before hand, not that it would have changed my mind but then I would have ever bought my gp at a pet store. There are so many advisers here, you will be so over loaded in just a few short hours of reading =] Welcome!!