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04-25-10, 08:48 pm
Ok, so Thunder (my new adopted unhealthy guinea pig) has been itching a ton. So I decided that he needed a bath ( I gave Lightning baths when he had mites and fleas and you know what? That got rid of the mites and fleas, it saved me a vet trip) and the good thing is is that I gave him a bath yesterday and brushed and combed him and everything and he hasn't itched since!!!!! He took the bath better than Lightning did on his first bath. So it's a good thing. But I was looking through his fur and at his skin today and other than the scab he has there was this stuff that looked like dandruff stuck to his fur. It wasn't dandruff for sure. But it was near the bald spots behind the ears and on the head part. I'm wondering if it's fur mites. Does fur mites have to be the color of the fur? It's not the color of the fir It's more of a white creamy color and Thunder's skin isn't even white in the first place. Does anyone know what it could possible be? Oh yeah and where the white stuff is (that looks like white dandruff but it's definitely not) is all ruff and hardened partly.
And the skin behind the ears does not look healthy period. It's like all black and spattered on there and it doesn't look healthy.

04-25-10, 08:54 pm
I have no clue what this might be. Maybe going to guinea lynx in their medical section can have an answer. Hope you figure it out .

04-25-10, 09:31 pm
Uhh washing your guinea pigs will not get rid of mites. Depending on what type of mites he has/had, they can burrow under the skin and cause sevre pain. He may not be itching but that doesn't mean the mites are gone. That ruff and hardened dandruff sounds like mites to me, my guinea pig who had mites had that rough patch. I just carefully scratched it off when giving him a bath (not sure if its the right thing to do lol). Please get him to a vet, he needs to be treated, and if he does indeed have mites, he will need more than 1 dose of the medication, as ivermectin/selmectin does not kill the eggs. You could ask your vet for ivermectin/selamectin drops if you don't want to take him to the vet every week/month for his medication.

It could be the fact that you're giving him too many baths causing his skin and fur to dry out. And making him itch.

04-25-10, 10:06 pm
I agree--don't take a chance with this. It will probably come back with a vengeance. Take some time to read everything on Guinea Lynx about mites, lice, fleas and other parasites. But take Thunder to a vet also and get him the needed medicine.

04-26-10, 03:29 pm
Bathing does not get rid of parasites. With cases of mites, it makes them worse therefore a pig with suspicions of mites should never be bathed because it can put them in more pain. Mites are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen through a microscope no matter the type of mite. If your pig has been itching a lot and there are scabs, that indicates mites.

You need to take the pig to a vet and let the vet determine what type of parasite you are dealing with. The white hardened flakes sound like dandruff to me. Just don't let them do a skin scraping as it's very painful for the pigs.

04-26-10, 06:22 pm
Yes I know bathing isn't a good thing but hey, I STILL haven't seen Thunder itch since!! I'm hoping to post a picture or this "dandruff" soon and I'll see what y'all think then. His back is sensitive so I wonder if that could be mites because that's normally where they get it. But the "dandruff" won't come out!!! I tried combing and pulling it out and everything and it wouldn't even move!!! I know mites are microscopic bugs but if you look in guinea lynx at the fur mites you can't see little lumps in there fur. But I don't think it could be because the lumps have to be the color of the fur and these lumps/dandruff aren't the color of the fur. I think these symptoms are leading more to mange mites. I'll try to convince my parents to take Thunder to the vet but they think that if I keep on feeding it healthy foods like I feed Lightning that Thunder's skin and fur and everything that is unhealthy will improve. They say at least to try to do that before we go to the vet. I will go to guinea lynx and read more.

04-26-10, 06:29 pm
If the pig has mites, the longer you wait to treat, the worse the problem will become. Do you want it to end up being really bad?

04-26-10, 06:35 pm
Of course I don't. I'll try to convince my parents into taking him this week. Thanks for all your help!

04-26-10, 06:45 pm
I was just on guinea lynx. It is definitely not fur mites but It looks more to be mange mites now. I have two questions. Is it safe to treat guinea pigs with ivermectin without officially knowing if they have mites? How much does it cost to treat?

JD In Van
04-26-10, 07:21 pm
I was just on guinea lynx. It is definitely not fur mites but It looks more to be mange mites now. I have two questions. Is it safe to treat guinea pigs with ivermectin without officially knowing if they have mites? How much does it cost to treat?

If they have the dandruff stuff it's very likely lice. The eggs cling to the fur and won't brush out easily.

Lice and mites are both treatable with either Revolution or topical Ivermectin. Cost varies depending where you get it but both are extreamely safe so long as you read the dosing information at Guinealynx carefully and follow the instructions there.

04-26-10, 07:33 pm
They could easily have both. You need a cavy-savvy vet's diagnosis and SOON.

04-26-10, 08:10 pm
If you can't get to a vet, then I would definately treat with ivermectin. It won't hurt them to be treated and would help a lot if they do have mites. My vet dosed with advantage for me as the amount was so small they said it would be easier for them to do it. Also, mine had lice (which are visable) and they didn't charge me anything but the cost of medication.

04-27-10, 01:10 pm
Okay, so I called the vet and asked how much they charge to check everything for a guinea pig but specifically mites and lice and they said $47.00 dollars and if it needs any medication, over $47.00 dollars. In comparison to what y'all pay at your vets, is this a good price?? It seems sort of expensive to me but I'm willing to pay it.
I finally have seen Thunder itch since the bath but he's not itching like crazy.

04-27-10, 01:46 pm
I paid $75 each for a check up for my piggies after I got them. They added more for ear cleaning and nail clipping.

I think you're getting off lightly. Taking care of these parasites now before they come back in full force and compromise your piggies' health is going to save you money down the road.

Be sure to treat both/all your pigs if they were in contact.

The better we care for our piggies, the less we will have to spend in vet bills.

04-28-10, 02:18 pm
We are SUPER busy tomorrow/this weekend so I'm thinking about taking him Monday. Is this to long to wait?

04-28-10, 02:29 pm
In my opinion, yes. Because the pig has parasites that are eating away at his skin and putting him in pain. I understand "super busy" but there are still two days before the weekend in which you can get him into the vet and get treatment started.

04-28-10, 02:43 pm
I totally agree with you. I talked to my mom again and I convinced her into taking Thunder Friday. Thanks!!!