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04-24-10, 12:04 pm
Hey everyone! About a month ago, I adopted four female rats from a shelter. I'm new to rats...I bought them a huge cage, some recycled paper bedding, and igloo, a sleep box...everything! They are spoiled. But I am having a hard time finding lab block type food for them. They get veggies and what not every day, but when it comes to a normal staple food, the only thing I can find is food with the main source of corn. Does anyone know a good place to buy the food? They are currently eatting the food that they came with which is Kaytee forti-diet pro health. :confused: That food also has corn as the main ingrediant. Is that okay for rats because I know guinea pigs and rats have different needs when it comes to food. Any help is awesome! Thanks!

04-24-10, 06:23 pm
someone please respond. :(

04-24-10, 08:05 pm
I am so happy that you adopted your rat friends.
The best lab block food for ratties that I ever discovered is Harlan Teklad , You can find more information about it here - Kim's Ark Rat Rescue - Food, Treats and Supplements (http://www.kimsarkrescue.org/content/view/35) and even purchase it from this web site. All purchases help the rat rescue, Kim's Ark :)
Some people create their own mixes ( mostly at a grocery store ), by buying the ingredients and mixing them together. A popular mix among rat owners is Suebee's mix - ratsrule.com - suebee's rat diet (http://www.ratsrule.com/diet.html) . The only complaint I have heard about the Suebee's mix is it tend to cause overweight rats. In that case, some ingredients and amount would need to be modified.

I hope this helps! :)

04-24-10, 08:21 pm
Thanks. I'm new to this and I have no idea what I am doing yet. lol

04-27-10, 07:39 pm
Kims Ark does not do the lab blocks anymore, and I am having a hard time finding them to. You can buy them online but the shipping prices are OUTRAGOUS. I am talking $15-$20...

This is what use to be called Harlan Teklad...

Native Earth 18% Protein 4018 Rodent Diet 40-lbs (formerly Harlan) | PetFoodDirect.com (http://www.petfooddirect.com/Product/9093/Native-Earth-18-percent-Protein-4018-Rodent-Diet-40-lbs-(formerly-Harlan))

I also agree with Suebees mix. That is what I feed my rats and have been for years :)

Hope this helps!