View Full Version : making-your-cage-more-cool ideas?

mrs mest
09-24-03, 02:07 pm
i don't have enough money to get one of the CC cages, so are there any like things i can make homemade or get at my local pet store to put in the cage to make it more interesting? the cage i have now has plenty of space and everything with two floors, but i don't know .. i think my babies will get bored fast.

10-11-03, 10:22 pm
my pigglies dont really use "toys" or anything..they dont play with objects, just pigglies! you will find they will much rather playing with each other...seed blocks are nice for them, try them!

12-13-03, 01:36 pm
C&C is fairly inexpensive. I'm getting two boxes of the cubes, so that the cage and playpen can be made. I'm getting them from Target, and they're under $20 a box. The coroplast is only about $10, and often they'll cut it to size for you. At the minimum, you can pull it off with $30, but I'm going to spend aobut $100 for everything in my cage, including first round of food and litter and toys and everything. Can't really recomend anything else. Pigloos and hidey-homes, but a C&C is the best investment.