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04-24-10, 06:56 am
Hi there I will be getting at least 3 piggies in the future. So I'm checking out this site which by the way is very helpful for all piggies needs! I went to the pet store today and I have my eye on one thats all chocolate. Yummy!! lol
I cant wait to set everything up and start the fun! Ive had ferrets,fancy rats and mice. But piggies need more care in some areas so I hesitated about it. Now I'm ready!!!

04-24-10, 07:11 am
Please do not buy your pigs from pet stores, you will be supporting the horrible breeders and overpopulation. There are many shelter and craigslist pigs that need homes.

Be sure to read all the stickies on each forum, especially the diet stickies.

04-24-10, 07:14 am
I am sure you are going to have lots of fun with piggies, but make sure you clear all your doubts first and, only then, get your piggies.

04-24-10, 07:44 am
Hi there yes Ive been reading almost everything on this site. Ive been wanting for about a month. The only reason I went to the pet store is to make sure I would want one and boy do I!!! I'm already in the make for 2 females that are up for adoption through craiglist. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

04-24-10, 01:31 pm
If you've read this forum, surely you had seen Pet Stores and Guinea Pigs (http://cavyspirit.com/petstores.htm)

Adopt from a rescue or shelter or someone needing to rehome their pigs Pet adoption: Want a dog or cat? Adopt a pet on Petfinder (http://www.petfinder.com) Don't breed or buy -

04-25-10, 09:07 am
I know Im a newbie but please :melodrama dont assume that I would buy an animal. I dont. My current pets are Moose a pew mouse left in his cage in the pouring rain,next to to the garbage....and felix the house feral cat. I dont think Ive ever bought a pet yet. No hard feelings but please next time maybe ask a few questions before assuming.
I only went to the pet store to see if I really wanted a guinea pig..I dont know anyone who owns one. I have to say after going to petco seeing how the guy was so frighten of picking up a baby GP and the manager was watching this too it made me be all the more aware how unsocialize they are there. The little GP calmed down in 5 seconds flat when I let him go under my unzippered sweatshirt.
Thank you :)

04-26-10, 02:57 pm
I went to the pet store today and I have my eye on one thats all chocolate.This sentence is what is making people think you are going to "purchase pigs in the petstore". I even thought that when I read your original post. Maybe you should have clarified that you weren't going to buy pigs at the petstore when you posted this thread. If people assumed it was because you led them to assume.

04-26-10, 03:12 pm
I agree--it sounded exactly like you wanted to buy the one that is 'all chocolate' from the petstore.

04-26-10, 03:40 pm
Hi there boy the mess I got myself in. I read the post and yes I agree it sounded like I was going to buy it. My intentions was the color of the GP. In ever seen a chocalte colored GP before. Not like this one. Im not buying it!!!!!! OK?
I saw someone in my area on craiglist whos putting a GP up for adoption and guess what ...its chocalte.(maybe some cream too!) Im a little hesitate because Ive adopted 2 rats on craiglist but not in the best of health. So Im weary of this but in the picture she looks healthy. But that what you get sometimes when you adopt she get little sick ones and you nurse them back to health and do your best.