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04-22-10, 01:59 pm
I'm new here! I have posted a few questions on the boards already. I have never owned a cavy. I inherited 2 from a close friend. Her husband was allergic to them and after a month she decided they needed a new home. She was so upset so I took them on. They came with a store bought cage :sad: some food and that was it. So on the internet I went and found you guys. I quicky ordered a brand new cage from sue. A 2x4 and will soon be adding a loft. I bought the items to use fleece. Ordered myself some Kleenmamas hay and pellets since everyone on here seemed to love them. Also spend a small fortune on fresh veggies. lol

I am happy to say the pigs loved their new cage. I am seeing a whole new side of them instead of the ones who never came out of their pigloos. The whole family loves playing with them.

I have to say thanks for all the awesome information I have gotten here so far.

04-22-10, 02:03 pm
Welcome, and Good job! I'm sure your piggies think they are in paradise now. :)

04-22-10, 02:04 pm
Happy pigs are the best! Congrats!

04-22-10, 02:18 pm
Welcome! Wow, you've done a great job taking them and giving them a wonderful home! Those pigs will be so happy with you!

Could you post some pigtures? :)

04-22-10, 02:50 pm
Thank you for taking care of those pigs! I wish every pig could find someone like you...