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04-22-10, 09:37 am
My piggies have mites and my ivermectein came today because i bought it online.

This is the exact stuff-http://www.amazon.com/Parid-EQ-Paste-1-87-Ivermectin/dp/B001O1KLQC/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1271950459&sr=8-7

My dilemma is that I'm extremely scared to dose my piggies. It is a 1.87% ivermectin and I'm sure i need to dilute it, Guinealynx didn't really help at all.

How do I dilute it???

I'm only so scared because i don't wanna be that guy who winds up killing my guinea guinea pigs due to inporper dosage. I also don't wanna be that guy who spends $200 at the vet for something i can do easily at home.

04-22-10, 09:49 am
Did you see this page on GL?

04-22-10, 09:51 am
yes, I'm still a bit confused, can I use any old vegetable oil? or is it something special? and how do i administer it orally? Also, all of my pigs are inbetween weights on the chart so that is a concern also.

04-22-10, 09:55 am
You can mix with water. 250 dose of the horse paste and 22cc water. Mix well then use 1cc syringe to draw. If the pigs are in between weight, you can use the lower dosage. It's not much different.

04-22-10, 10:00 am
how much is 22cc water? and where do i get a syringe that size? I'm trying to do it quickly because i hate to see them so itchy. I know I should go to the vet but Thumper just had a URI and i spent close to $300 on vet visits for that alone, and next month iI have to save for him to get neutered!

So i just need to know where to get the syringe

04-22-10, 10:07 am
If you live near a Tractor Supply or feed store, they carry syringes that large or you can go to a pharmacy. At the pharmacy you can get childrens dosing syringes. Pet supply stores will usually have syringes for feeding and dosing.

04-22-10, 10:09 am
so liek CVS will have them OTC? haha so many acronyms! lol

But I havn't heard of any feed stores around me haha

Thanks for your help!

04-22-10, 10:26 am
Since your pig had a URI it was probably given antibiotics and a small syringe. If you happened to keep it, that was likely a 1cc syringe.

04-22-10, 10:36 am
do i need to clean it or anyhting first?

04-22-10, 10:38 am
You will need a 1 cc syringe to dose. It does not need a needle so you can get a needleless syringe. You may be able to get them at some pharmacies or you can try places like Tractor Supply Co., feed stores and co-ops.

There is a dosing calculator over on gl that you can use. If you can figure out their weights, you can enter the weight and use the drop down on the dosing calculator to choose the medication and then it will tell you how much to dose.

If you mix it with vegetable oil or water you can use it for that treatment only then you have to discard and make a new batch for the second treatment and a new batch for the third treatment. Only if you mix it with propylene glycol can you save and store it.

You will need to give them at least 3 treatments spaced a week apart.

04-22-10, 10:38 am
also, this syringe measures in ml, not cc, is there a way to convert that?

04-22-10, 10:40 am
haha woow i know im posting a lot on this but i just read cc and ml are the same? lol i feel stupid.

but how would I measure out 22 cc of water?

04-22-10, 10:55 am
Yes, 1ml and 1cc are the same. For 22cc you would draw up that amount with the syringe and put it in a clean small jar that has a lid and then add the dose of ivermectin for a 250lb. horse. Then do the shakey shakey dance for about 10-15 minutes to ensure it well mixed.

If your syringe is a 1ml/cc syringe, the draw it up to the very last mark at the end which will make 1ml/cc and repeat 21 times.