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04-22-10, 01:02 am
Hi everyone. We live in Romania, where adoption centers/lists and exotic pet vets are only a far-off dream... We purchased two piggies from the very few pet stores in town, and sure enough, they have health issues. Our baby (Rhino) is under 12 oz. We noticed he had an eye infection ever since we looked at him at the store and we bought him so we can rescue him from the crammed space he was living in, all sick and not properly taken care of. We treated the eye infection (his eye was almost completely closed and crusty) and he is fully healed right now.

The thing is, we noticed he was scratching quite a lot... A week later, he had a wound... We took him to one of the biggest vet clinics in town in hopes we would find better vets there. He excluded the mites issue „because he couldn't see any signs". I explained that mites are not visible and he started laughing and telling me to stop reading stuff online that are not my expertise... He was obviously a bit offended. So he concluded is fungus and gave him a few shots (antibiotic and anti-fungal). No probiotics and no idea why where those necessary for piggies... Can you believe this?... I would give poor Rhino some, but I have no idea which kind and how much... Are the baby/human type good? I have a brand called Enterolactis and it's drinkable (for kids).... I am at a loss...

This morning, poor Rhino had another bald, scaly spot on his hind leg, next to the rump. That leg is also covered in this scaly white stuff, no fur left on the leg... Is this mites or fungus?... He is soooooooooooo cute and tiny. I would get Ivermectin myself, but he is very young and small (he is 210 grams or 7.40 oz) and the medicine is not recommended for this weight.

The situation is getting out of hand fast... Our kids adore little baby Rhino, but we have no trust in the vets here. What can we do to save this little guy and restore his health?... Please help!!!!

PS. His roommate - Jackey - started scratching, too. He shows no signs of bald spots, just a whitish powdery like stuff on his black ears....

04-27-10, 02:44 pm
Ever since writing this message (it took a while to get approved since I'm new on the forum), we found a vet that was recommended to us for his experience with GPs. He confirmed as well that what Rhino has is a fungus (ringworm) and that we needed to give him a bath every three days with Nizoral shampoo and use diluted Imaverol solution to dab on his skin after his bath. Just today I noticed fur growing back on his bald spot, but the skin still has that "chapped" look. The vet warned us that ringworm "may be" contagious to humans, although an infection is not a very common thing. I am very careful when handling the piggies, but my kids don't seem to take this seriously and they touch the pigs without washing their hands unless I see them and ask them to. Do you have any experience with ringworm infection and kids around?... What are the dos and donts?... I am a bit worried...