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04-20-10, 06:41 pm
Recently, I have been hearing a lot about the piggy bedspreads and I am curious about them. What makes them so special? Wouldn't be just as good to sew fleece and towels together?

I have looked at prices at a few places and they seem to be fairly expensive. I have a pretty large cage, so if I ordered a bedspread for it, the cost would be very high. For those of you who do have bedspreads, is it a good idea to purchase bedspreads for larger cages?

Where would be the best place to buy bedspreads, where it is not so expensive?

Any additional information would be great!

05-13-10, 01:22 am
Hi, I personally don't buy piggy bedspreads. Instead, I make them. The thing about these piggy bedspreads I hear everyone raving about is that the middle layer is Zorb the last layer is something like Procare, I believe? I could be wrong though.

But I make my own piggy bedspreads and I've never had the trouble with smell, even if I didn't use Zorb. However, I would still like to invest in Zorb in the near future. But for me personally, as I'm a college student, I find that sewing is fun and therefore making my own piggy bedspreads are pretty fun and easy.

My normal piggy bedspread set consists of just a fleece as the top layer sewn onto a mattress pad and sometimes backed by a towel in the cage. I don't really need a towel under it as my piggy uses his litterbox most often than not. But I have made other sets of bedspreads that are different from the traditional fleece-mattress pad sort. Some of the others are fleece, then one layer of polyester filling, and then a mattress pad. One of the sets I was experimenting with when sewing consisted on a fleece as the top layer, then 2 layers of polyester filling (1 layer was pretty thin and I was too lazy to cut it in half so I just used 2 layers), then a mattress pad and then a terry towel material (sort of like a regular bath towel which would probably be cheaper if you think about it). I also sew velcro onto mine but some of them don't have any because I ran out of sew-on velcro.

Hope that helps!

05-15-10, 01:23 am
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05-15-10, 07:03 am
Procare is just a very durable waterproof material used in diaper making. The same as PUL or polyurethane laminate.

I wouldn't use it for piggies bedding because it would increase the drying time and be harder to get it clean in the wash, thus making it stinkier. I've only used this in diapers though, not in the piggie cage. I didn't like it for diapers for this reason.

05-16-10, 08:15 am
I purchase them because i have no sewing talent. I find them to be a huge time saver in cleaning and less laundry. i have three 2x4's and can change all three in 15 min. That includes a loft and a good wipe down of the coro. But if you have the talent more power to you!

05-16-10, 08:41 am
My girl friend took sewing classes, so she does it for me. But honestly, I have never had any smell problems with towels sewed with fleecee.

I mostly used two layers of towels everywhere except some areas. You know your piggies more then I do. But mine likes to pee mostly in certain corners, and where their pigloos are at. At those areas I use 3 layers of towels. If you have a ramp, rarely they pee on that. So you make it two layers as well.

Personally I think that sewing fleecee and towels is time consuming at first, but you will save time once it's done. Every time you clean it, you just basically put it on top, you don't need to mess around with towels at certain spots. Not to mention that your piggies run around and sometimes the towels can move. Once they pee on that spot it starts to smell, since there is no towels anymore.