View Full Version : best bedding to find in NZ thats NOT Fleece

04-18-10, 11:40 pm
I am looking for a good absorbant bedding you can easily get in New Zealand that is NOT fleece.

I already use fleece for their main area but I need something good for the kitchen/hay loft. I started just using hay and newspaper up there but it pongs pretty quickly and I find myself changing daily! Which I don't have enough newspaper for. Now I have hay in hay racks and newspaper on the floor but I need a good bedding (newspaper isn't good just on its own) that has good odour control.

I have seen carefresh around but it's expensive and some people have complained about smell.

Also seen soft sorbent but only the scented kind so thats probably a no. But if they start stocking the unscented should I get it??

And if pine is untreated does that mean it hasn't been kiln-dried and therefore I can't use it???

So if anyone can head me in the right direction at where to get a good kitchen bedding I'll be extremely happy thanks!!

04-19-10, 12:53 am
If you find pine shavings, you can spread it out to air dry for 2 - 3 weeks then you can put in the cage.

I use wood stove pellets as the bedding in my kitchen. It's made with 100% wood and compressed into pellets. There are some horse bedding and cat bedding that are made the same way. I just get mine at a hardware store.
I found some links to wood pellets in New Zealand.
Wood Pellets - Bioenergy Association of New Zealand (BANZ) (http://www.bioenergy.org.nz/wood_pellets.asp)

04-19-10, 01:47 am
Aspen = hard, fairly cheap, but 100% safe for guinea pigs
Pine = soft, cheap, cause respiratory problems for guinea pigs. So don't use this if you dont have a well ventilated cage. And sometimes the pigs eat the bedding
Kob = expensive, not as good at absorbing urine, pigs eat the bedding
carefresh = expensive, soft, smells good

Fleece is the best imo (unless your an environment freak), cheapest of the lot because you can keep reusing it, is soft and warm for guinea pigs. Ideal for NZ climate.

edit: oops just read your post lol, i would get aspen. Its fairly cheap, and if only used for the kitchen area it would be fine as they can rest on the fleece.

04-19-10, 06:36 am
I agree with GP. Aspen works well for the kitchen area. I use a miniature rake to stir it at least daily so it absorbs the pee better and it does not smell. (I think the rake was from a gardening set for houseplants.) I also use aspen as a first layer (on top of vinyl shelf liner) for their hay baskets. I gradually add more hay to the baskets between changes and the poops shake down into the aspen and also any pee is absorbed, because I use the rake to stir and fluff the piggie-flattened hay almost every time I add a handful, so it does not stay wet if they pee on it.

04-24-10, 04:50 am
I would look at Paper based kitty litters, I buy a 35L bag and it does two 1x2 kitchen areas and a mouse cage for 2-3 weeks. I use 'Breeders Choice' (Back-2-Nature is the same thing but aimed at small animals) and that bag costs me $22.

04-24-10, 06:02 am
I use these over the towels

It works really well, it's easy to clean and keeps them dry, besides being very cheap.
It's a kind of rubber carpet used in bathrooms and fridges or something. Mine actually have smaller holes on it. I love it and pigs do too.
It's super soft!

04-24-10, 07:53 pm
Thanks for all the useful ideas.
I think I will go with aspen but if it doesn't work out will look at the other ideas.
Haha yeah the girls love to rest on the fleece and I have a cat bed that the cat didn't use so tried it out in their cage and Ruby lies on it alot of the time quite happily.
Funny that!