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04-17-10, 07:13 pm
Hi all! lol

I have recently posted a first video of many to come introducing one of my boars, Wilson. I'm working to promote it so that hopefully in the future my videos will have a good amount of views, so I thought I'd post it to this site to get a few views going. The next one will obviously be about my shy piggy, Apollo.

YouTube - wilson the guinea pig (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liQfbpsv-yw)

farewell cavy lovers :heart:

04-17-10, 07:21 pm
Aww mine love the camera and put nose prints on it all the time! lol

04-17-10, 08:16 pm
Cute! I think it was funny how the brother just popped around the corner.

04-17-10, 08:19 pm
Posting videos of your pigs here is one thing. Soliciting members just so you can get views is another matter.

If you really want to promote it, facebook or twitter would be good options as they are social networking sites.

04-17-10, 08:32 pm
I'm not trying to make money using youtube or anything, I'm just sharing a video of my guinea pig with people who I know will be interested. None of my friends on facebook would have any interest in a video of a guinea pig, I'm in college. I'm not trying to make anyone mad, and I'm sorry if you took this post in the wrong way.

04-17-10, 09:46 pm
Would a moderator please delete this for me?

04-17-10, 09:48 pm
very cute piggies that you have there :) Your pigs looks like my tails, the little guy that you see on my avatar.

04-17-10, 10:06 pm
yes definitely! your pig looks like it could be a sibling of wilson and apollo because his color is right in between theirs! awesome shot of it yawning, I've been trying to catch mine do that lol