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04-16-10, 03:25 pm
So after waiting I found an adoptable pair at a local shelter! Horray! I went and visited today and decided to adopt them! They are really sweet pigs! Come to the cage and wheeked for me as I walked through the door! Even when they saw that I didn't have food they still were wheeking for attention! It was so cute!They popcorned as I put my hand in the cage and while they don't like to be picked up were started snuggling up to my arm. They have been there for 1 month by themselves and in a big cage alone! The facility they where in had a small and furry room and they were the only ones in it for a whole month! So sad! They came in because someones pigs had babies and she couldn't take care of them. Pet store pig more than likely. So I took them home and since they had been at a reputable shelter and isolated and check by a vet mulitipul times since they had been in there I did intros when I got home.(I'm sorry if this offends anyone but I talked to the vet there, also had a stop at my vet on the way home. The fact that there were no other animals(not even other guinea pigs or rabbits) in the room they were in also helped me make the descion that they had their own quarantine at the shelter).
They have not had much contact since they were shelter animals and really only saw people when they cleaned their cage or checked up on them. Infact I was the third person who ever saw them the whole time they were there! so sad! They are super sweet and got home set up the bathroom for intros and prayed. lol
I had my brother get my other two pigs(Chup and Moo) and had a towel some hay and everything with no pigs scent on it. I even changed my clothes! I held the new pigs in my lap and while they were scared they seemed alright. Nate(my brother) held Chup and Moo. Then we let them go. They seemed kinda unsure what to do. Moo went right up and was licking their faces and rubbing on them. The babies started sniffing butts and having their butt sniffed in return. I was so terrified. There was some nipping around the hay but everyone settled in and started eat together. No rummbling, not teeth chattering, nothing. They all came up to me and at times I swear my pigs where giving me the "What the heck is going on?" look but they seemed pretty relaxed. I cleaned the cage, added the new washed hidies and they are now eating veggies. I don't think the shelter pigs ever had peppers before so they are all confused, but they will get there!
Now it seems my original two pigs are fighting. I think they are trying to see who really is dominate. Is that normal for the pigs you had previously to start having a few tiffs?
Oh they are in a 2x5 and I am building a 2x5 loft with a kitchen after I get more coroplast! I'll post pictures of the set up when I finish it! Here is the shelter photo of my new pigs! They called then Butter and Scotch but I might change them. Any one who has Ideas let me know. I do have kinda a Spanish theme going with La Cupacabra and La Moo Moo lol
I hope I didn everything right, they seem settled and are all sleeping right now. Sorry if I didn't do it right!

04-16-10, 04:19 pm
I went to visit those two! I am glad they went home together they were sooo sweet!

04-16-10, 04:56 pm
Did they wheek for you too!! I know they were so adorable I feel inlove with them!!

04-16-10, 05:09 pm
Is that normal for the pigs you had previously to start having a few tiffs?Any time you introduce new pigs, the others will have to sort out dominance all over again, so it's fairly normal that the original two would be scuffling with each other.

They're very cute girls and kudos to you for waiting for rescue pigs to become available!

04-16-10, 05:33 pm
Thanks Paula. It's like they are all having a few goes at each other! I figured it was normal since everyone is trying to figure out where they stand. Just wasnt to make sure!
The one thing I am loving about these pigs is that they stay out when I walk in the room. My pigs hide! Big spoiled babies! ha ha

04-16-10, 06:31 pm
Very elegant-looking piggies!! So now you have 4 girls? I love the idea of a herd of 4. Seems like the ideal number if you have the space!

How about the names Salsa and Cha-cha? Sometimes when my pigs popcorn it looks like they are doing some fancy dance steps.

04-16-10, 06:39 pm
Yeah I have 4 girls total and that is my limit! I wanted all girls and have the space for 4. Found my first two through a local small animal rescue and my second two at a humane society. I'm so glad they are close in age! my first ones are three months now(time flies!) and the ones I just got are 2 months old. I don't know if I will ever get anymore(still at home) but maybe some day. I budgeted it out and can handle this! I have a "piggy" bank set up in case of vet bills and my whole family donates to it.
I do like Salsa and Cha-Cha! Tanks Congi! After I get to see there personalities I am going to make a choice! I'll be sure to let everyone know of course!
Yeam it's so cute Moo(my now not littlest one) is so happy. She hasn't stop popcorning since I brought them home!! It's kinda funny though because they(the new ones) are still a little scared and timid around my pigs. But they love people! the last pig the saw was probably their mother. Maybe the only one they saw. I'm sure Chup will make sure they know what being a pig means :cool:
They are still chasing each other around. Any idea as to how long this will last? I don't mind and everyone is eating and drinking and pooping but I want to make sure they are not getting too stressed. This was an eventful day after all.

04-16-10, 08:50 pm
I love them!!!

04-17-10, 08:36 am
I love them too! But they still need names!
I'm hoping that once everything settles down i will see there little personalities. or maybe BIG ones! lol They don't like being handled(that's what the shelter said) but they love to come to the bars of the cage. Complete opposite of my other two pigs. I'm going to get them out today and give them some lap time. I hope it goes well!
I feel bad because I don't think my original pigs are trying to hurt them I think they just want to sniff a nd the babies squeal and make such a noise! Poor Moo then seems so hurt. I really think she just wants to sniff them and get to know them but right now the babies want none of that! I'm sure once things settle it will be better but I hate to see Moo try so hard to be friends to have them run away.
They all slept relatively quiet last night. Only this morning did things get a little loud. Veggie time should be interesting. it was loud with only two piggies now its 4! lol

04-17-10, 04:58 pm
Ok now I can Officially introduce the new girls with names! I chose La Alma(soul) and La Corazon(heart). I have new photos of them! Enjoy!
La Moo Moo, La Corazon, La Chupacabra, and La Alma
La Moo Moo, La Corazon, La Chupacabra, and La Alma

04-17-10, 05:04 pm
Oh oh oh, too adorable! Are the new ones the thinner pigs, each snuggling up to one of your original piggies? What a nice looking herd of sweet girlicues!

04-17-10, 05:06 pm
For some reason I didn't see the captions on the pics till now. Yes, they certainly look like they are bonding with your first two!
I hope that little Chupacabra doesn't throw her weight around too much. Someone might get squished!

04-17-10, 06:26 pm
Wow they're so tiny and cute! I just want to eat them up!

...Well, you know what I mean :crazy:

04-17-10, 07:01 pm
Ha ha well Chup bosses them around then popcorns...she is such a boss. Moo is so happy she runs up to them, popcorns, then runs away. Its funny to watch. They were all in the hay box today!(it's a kitty litter pan with hay so it dones't get everywhere)Well for about 2 seconds and Moo jumped out and then Chup told the other two to get out lol
Yeah they are kinda skinny I am tring to fatten them up!
Corazon and Alma were loving the camera! The came right up to it and looked at it, bit it, licked it...so cute. They didn't mind the flash at all! There will be plenty of pigtures in these piggies future!!

04-17-10, 08:19 pm
I will proudly announce that I would like to piggy nap La Moo Moo and La Chupacabra lol

04-17-10, 08:34 pm
ha ha if you have romaine they will let you!! lol

04-17-10, 08:42 pm
ADORABLE - you are so lucky to have such a fine herd. (Yes, you have a herd now!)

04-17-10, 08:49 pm
ADORABLE - you are so lucky to have such a fine herd. (Yes, you have a herd now!)

I know isn't it lovely! I love all the patterns they make with their white patches! i just hope that I can always keep them happy and healthy! That is sopmething I strive for! Happy healthy wheeking piggies!!

04-19-10, 08:20 am
Aww they are all so cute!

I know what you mean about the introductions, I got my piggy yesterday (shes the baby of a rescue pig, and the lady I got her from had quarentined her for me and shes been checked) and so did all the introductions and they went ok, for the first part they ignored her and then were chasing her, and I know they have to do it but I just sat there worrying the whole time!
So glad its gone ok and your 4 girls get on, I hope within a few days mine will have accepted Caramel and they will all get on great!

04-19-10, 09:11 am
I think I just died of cuteness overload!

04-19-10, 12:15 pm
Aww thanks guys.
I hope that your pigs enjoy Carmel too Vickeyangel!

04-19-10, 12:31 pm
Aww It doesn't get any better then this!

04-19-10, 01:52 pm
So cute!!!!!!