View Full Version : Teeth Misaligned teeth!

04-15-10, 02:57 pm
Hi this is wheeek's sister. My 7 month old pig has misaligned teeth. Could this be harmful? He doesn't seem to have lost wieght.


04-15-10, 03:05 pm
He is also ignoring his hay. . .

04-15-10, 04:27 pm
If he has obvious problems with his teeth and he's also not eating, you need to get him to a vet rather than looking for solutions on the internet.

He could simply be not used to the hay, but if he's got teeth that aren't properly aligned or some other deformity, a vet is the only way to go anyway.

04-15-10, 06:46 pm
Are you weighing him? If not. how can you tell if he has not lost weight?

If he isn't eating hay, that is a red flag. He can't eat hard foods due to teeth. you need to take him to a cavy vet. He may need his teeth trimmed.