View Full Version : UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Is this a problem?

04-15-10, 02:39 pm
When I change the cage, the mattress pad under the fleece has brown circles. I assumed it was from pee breaking down poop and washing it into the mattress pad. I have never seen brown on top of the fleece or any blood on either piece of fabric.

Possible signs of an UTI are:
Blood in urine
Squeaking while peeing

I haven't heard any squeaking that would indicate any problems peeing. I am wondering, are the brown areas I am seeing washed away poop, or should I be concerned about an UTI? Are there other things I could look for to see if I maybe need to take a trip to the vet?

JD In Van
04-15-10, 03:00 pm
Urine turns brownish when exposed to oxygen for long. So brown doesn't nessesarily mean worry.

Do you weigh weekly? Weight loss is the first sign of infection and often the only one.

04-15-10, 03:01 pm
It's normal. Urine can turn anywhere from brown to orange-ish once air hits it and it oxidizes.

Many of my towels/mattress pads/etc. look like that after a week underneath the fleece.

04-15-10, 03:11 pm
Thanks guys. I am watching for red urine right now just to be doubly sure. I think they (and my daughter) think I have lost it. LOL I feel much better now. Yes, I actually weigh twice a week when I change the cage. And tonight is the night to do that. I want to be sure we stay nice and healthy.

04-15-10, 05:17 pm
I put out white mattress pads, lots of wet veggies, a water bottle and just waited for it to work it's wonders and I can safely report that urine is clear. I am relieved. The cage is clean, weights are in and good so we are ready for the weekend...

04-15-10, 05:20 pm
I use balck towels and, after the first time I used them, they were brown! Their urine has descolored all the fabric! It's totally normal.

04-15-10, 05:35 pm
Thanks Catayn,
I searched the forum before I posted my question and I found nothing about it. I can't believe no one has ever mentioned it before. I was searching for UTIs though. Maybe I should have searched for something else. Maybe we should all get brown towels. LOL