View Full Version : Me and my 2 cute abyssinian males.

04-15-10, 06:04 am

i owned 2 female guinea pigs a while back but they sadly passed away 2 years ago, they will always be remembered. But about 4 weeks ago i went to the 'animal welfare league' in south australia and as i was putting my money into the donation can to support the 'AWL'. Then as i was walking out a 6 week old abyssinan and a 3 week old abyssinian guinea pig came in, they were both males and were going to get put up for adoption, but the look on there little sweet faces was to hard to resist!!! So i adopted them both and put them in my newly made C&C cage in my living room with fleece bedding.

2 weeks on, they are both in great health, love each others company and have had no fights with each other once! i hope this behaviour keeps up because they are the sweetest things!

The eldest abyssinian is black and white, his name is Gizmo and he is so cute and cuddly!

The youngest abyssinan is black and brown, his name is Bolt. Bolt is still a little bit scared of us but still likes the occasional cuddle!

I will add pictures soon of my beautiful piggies!

04-15-10, 06:11 am
Congrats on your new piggies!! What luck to them, getting brought to the shelter right when a would-be piggie carer with a cage all ready happened to be there.

I love the name Bolt! I think it would be cute to have a pair named Bolt and Dart.

Good luck with getting your sweet little boys used to their new food and brand new loving home!

04-15-10, 09:02 am
Welcome to GPC!!

I would love some pics of you beautiful boys... :crazy:!

04-15-10, 10:57 am
Lucky Little Guys! They didn't have to spend anytime in the shelter! Good for you! The UNIVERSE does it's thing AGAIN!