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03-20-05, 04:15 pm
How do you upload pictures? Are you supposed to upload them from your digital camera?
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03-20-05, 11:04 pm
Right along the top bar that has links to "home", "forum", "Photo Galleries" you will see a link to "Upload photos". Click on this link and you can upload pics right from your computer (you will have had to download them previously from your digital camera, e-mail, etc.). Click on "browse" and find the exact location of your picture on your computer (i.e. My documents--> My pictures--> Guineapig1.jpg). Select the picture, select the appropriate category to place the picture in, and then hit "submit". Just remember that any pictures you download to this site MUST be cage, accessory, floor time, etc. related otherwise one of the Mods will delete them. (in other words, make sure the picture you are downloading fits into one of the "categories" of the photogallery and not just a picture of your pig(s)). Hope that helps a bit!

(PS-posting topics like this in General chat will get you some more answers as people don't tend to check the "bottom" parts of the forum :) )

03-20-05, 11:06 pm
Thanks soooo much, you made it totally understandable, now i'll be posting pics by tomorrow!!
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03-20-05, 11:17 pm
No problem! Good luck, and I can't wait to see the pics!
Ah, and welcome to the forum (I always miss the formalities, lol.)

03-22-05, 08:11 pm
http://www.cavycages.com/photos/uploadphoto.php is where you go to upload photos. :)

03-22-05, 08:17 pm
I know how to upload pics now, the problem is the digital camera!!!