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04-10-10, 02:34 pm
Hello everyone, my piggie's name is Hurley and he is my first guinea pig. We're very excited to be here; I've actually been here for a couple of weeks but I always forget to do the introductions part on any forumlol

So Hurley's my first guinea pig and I got him from a petstore on kind of a whim (I know I was wrong to get him from a petstore; I have learned my lesson since coming onto this site). People were telling me (mostly Google though) that guinea pigs need to have 50% hay, 40% pellets, and 10% veggies in their diet. Then I came onto this website and WHOOPS, were all of those people wrong! Since then, I have kicked all of the bad hay and pellet brands (I never bought my piggie the colored bits pellets but I did buy him the Small World brand pellets, which I guess is sort of a Walmart brand?) and started ordering Oxbow hay and Cavy Cuisine and Sweet Meadow pellets. I'm so excited to be getting him off the bad stuff.

Anyway, he was pretty chubby (meaning I couldn't fit my hand around his chest) when I got him and I thought that I gave him enough hay but I guess over the next two months or so that I had him, he started losing weight. I started getting worried and wondered if it was because he wasn't getting enough hay. So I tried checking his teeth and it looked to me like they were pretty long. Plus his nails were pretty long too but I couldn't trim them since some of the paws were black and some were clear-colored (he's a black-colored guinea pig with a white streak running down his nose - looks like a skunk) and I didn't want to hurt him in the quick. SO I bought him down to the city with me to get his nails and teeth filed down. OH man, after that, he started eating everything in sight and he gained back a lot of weight. So he is now a very happy piggie and I am a very happy piggie owner.

When I first got him, I had him living in a Rubbermaid container (I know! I was such a bad owner:sick:) but then I found this site and I immediately bought the wire cube set off of Walmart once I found out that they had it. They didn't have it in the store that I was currently attending college near, so I had to order it online and have it shipped site-to-store. So worth it; it's like buying it in the store but with no shipping costs - just have to wait to go pick it up. So I built him a 2x3 C&C cage (pictures in gallery) and hoping to expand it next month when I graduate mid-May (yes!) once I move back home.

Once home, I plan to adopt another male piggie friend for him. I actually wanted to get him a spayed female piggie from I think it was the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue but unfortunately I have no car and their location is a bit too far for me. So I will get another male piggie for him (this time through adoption - no more petstores for me!) next month after I have graduated. I've looked on petfinder.com and craigslist.com and found 2 potential guinea pigs that I might like to take. Unfortunately, I can't take both of them since I will hardly have enough cage space for them after I have adopted 2 but for now, I'm keeping my options open. Apparently, the one I wanted on craigslist had 7 interested parties :eek:. He is quite adorable, of course.

Soo... yep, I think this is the end of it. Oh, I think my piggie is an Abyssinian (correct me if I spelled it wrong; I'm an English major and still horrible at grammar) and he is pretty young. I'm going to finish off the bag of pellets that he has and then switch to Cavy Cuisine and then try Sweet Meadow timothy pellets for awhile. Or should I mix them? I'm pretty confused on what to do at that point. And what about the other male guinea pig? From the look of his size in the picture, he looks to be pretty young, a couple of months old, definitely not older than 6 months. Can I put him on Cavy Cuisine as well? Or do I need to buy Cavy Performance? Please help me.

And thanks for having me here on your forum. I have already learned a lot in the past two weeks that I've been here and I hope to learn a lot more! My friend who also has a guinea pig is learning tons from me already! =]