View Full Version : Piggies like that I am handy!

04-08-10, 10:16 pm
Found the site 3 days ago and built our new cage yesterday!

Our family adopted 2 female cavies last fall from another family that grew out of them (teenagers).

We had a smallish cage for our girls and it just seemed cramped and unfair for them to be smooshed up in there. Only enough room for 1 hut for them to snuggle up in.

One of our girls is about twice the size of the other and I am hoping that the new cage will get them running around a bit more.

It is nice that we are coming into warmer weather so we can get our girls back outside, enjoying our backyard and getting a little exercise.

Looks like a friendly site and look forward to hearing from you and what you think of our new cage.

Cheers! :optimist: