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04-06-10, 03:10 pm
My guinea pig Brian, who is obsessed with being under hay, didn't come out from under it for nearly 8 hours one day and I got a bit worried. When I took him out he was floppy and felt thin. He was breathing in gasps and drooling. I called the emergency vet out and he took him in and gave him fluids and antibiotics. I went back in today and the vet told me that he had pus coming from his rectum and that his lungs were congested last night, but an x-ray today showed that they were clear (probably because of the antibiotics).
Has anybody got experience with these symptoms?

Also, he is home now and is barely eating and not drinking at all. I have syringes of antibiotics for the next three days but Iím worried that he isn't getting fluids. He does seem to be a bit perkier but Iím worried about him getting dehydrated again. Is there anything I can do or feed him to help him? Or anything like tea tree, vit C, menthol or sage or something I can use?

04-06-10, 10:47 pm
These are question I feel it very important to ask your vet as it very serious.

04-07-10, 12:04 am
There are some info on hand feeding on this page: http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html

You can also feed him water with syringe.

Have you been weighing him? You should start weighing once a day at the same time of day to keep track of his weight while he is sick. Once he gets better, you can weigh once a week.

04-07-10, 12:23 am
Ditto handfeeding. Drooling can be a sign of dental issues too.

04-07-10, 12:47 am
No home remedies other than hand feeding a pellet mash with pedialyte. Home remedies can do far more harm than helping.

04-07-10, 03:21 pm
Ok so its been about 24 hours since he came home and he is still quite quiet but his breathing is much better now. He has eaten some fresh stuff, parsley, carrots and grass mainly. He seems to be nibbling on some hay too and drinking water again. His droppings are much smaller than normal now and sort of irregular shaped, am I right to assume that this is because he hasn't eaten much?

I weighed him a few days ago too and he was 870g, his brother is 890g (they are only about 8 months old) so I think this is fairly normal.

On the subject of Pedialyte, is that the same as dioralyte? I'm in Ireland and we dont have the same brand names here. How do I make a pellet mash (-how much pellet to how much pedialyte)?