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03-19-05, 08:32 pm
Hello everyone,
I've got 2 males, and 3 female piggys, The males I had in large petstore cages for ages, Then I started to look online found cc cages and built my boys a 4 x 2 cage. :) they love it that was last august.

Since then I adopted 2 females, one was pregnant, I kept the one baby daughter, and the other male I sold on, didn't want him to be on his own and I didn't think putting other piggy in a 4 x 2 espcially since my boys love there space! would be fair and they may fight.

My girls I've wanted to build a cc for some time, I managed to get cubes and corroplast for a 4 x 2, Due to space reasons, I can only stack them on top of eachother, I wanted to build a 5 x2 for the girls, but theres simply not enough space which was uspetting, i'd have them in my room but my skins sensitive to hay grass, woodshavings you name it! :( etc, so the only space is downstairs.

I build up the girls 4x2 with the coroplast in, and put the boys correx on top and started to attach the old cubes to the new ones, and they didn't fit the connotors are a differnet size and they wouldn't go together, I was really upset, I had my boys running on there floor time and I didn't know what to do!

For now, I rested the old cube set over the top of the coroplast, so it hangs down and I cable tied it on, i'm worried about the support for the under cage, and lack of door there, and the top cage, i'm worrried about head room seeing as the cage is hold up by the top roof resting on coroplast, hard to explain so heres some pictures.






luckily the coroplast on top the edgesfor the box are 10 inches so it's not too low. :(

03-19-05, 09:24 pm
It actually looks ok for a temporary cage. Get some new grids or connecters.They should fit together.

03-19-05, 09:26 pm
The bottom ones are my new cubes only just brought them it's the ones on top are a differnt thickness so the connectors are a differnt thickness. :(

So more cubes wouldn't really help, need to find a away to make thetop cage more secure to the bottom seeing they wont connect together with those annoying connectors! lol.

03-19-05, 09:44 pm
Yeah, I'm saying to replace the old ones, get more from where you got the newer ones.

03-19-05, 10:41 pm
Solution: Bend a grid into a circle, zip tie it, stick hay in it, and use it as a column under the connector in the middle where it would be sagging. I have done it a lot.

03-20-05, 09:37 am
Yeah, there quite dear for me though, about £24, where as the correx is £9.

I had another idea, see what you think. :)

The correx on top for the boys is 10inches high, if I got another new sheet of correx, as theres could do with replacing it's abit worn now hehe. and make the edges say 16inches, or 14inches. then the cubes would still be resting on top but because of the higher coroplast would give them the extra head room,

there out in the run at the minute lol, grazing away. :)

03-20-05, 10:19 am
Could you get rid of the connectors and use cable ties instead?

03-20-05, 10:22 am
That's a really good idea! My mum actually suggested that as I was getting worried, I think I may try that rather than building higher correx because it will give them less light. :( thank you!

03-20-05, 10:28 am
It's ok - Hope it goes well! Show us some pics once your done

03-20-05, 10:31 am
Sure thing, hehe, heres a picture of therm in the run hehe.

nice and warm today. :)

03-20-05, 10:47 am
awww, they are so cute! Your grass looks so good. Mine are out as well, eating away at our grass. Let me just take some pics....

Ok, here's some

03-20-05, 11:22 am
Aww great pictures there so cute. :)