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04-06-10, 12:56 pm
I've yet to have a Cavy, I been reading about them for years and finding how to make my own cage, I am totally lost what I can use for a top, because I have two cats that I don't want them getting in.

any Ideas. I wanna make the coroplast bottom snap grids you get from walmart. I just need a workable top for my cavies can be safe.

I live in a Small town in Canada, Any ideas were I can adopt two cavies that are not from pet shops, please and thank you :)

04-06-10, 01:02 pm
You could use grids and connect them with zip ties to form an open- and close-able top. That's the best option.

Look at Petfinder (Pet adoption: Want a dog or cat? Adopt a pet on Petfinder (http://www.petfinder.com)) and Guinea Pig Home (Guinea Pig Home - Home (http://www.guineapighome.com/)) for adoptables.

04-06-10, 01:16 pm
Closet shelving works great for a top --sturdier than cubes tied together, and can be cut to any length you want it.

04-06-10, 01:16 pm
Watch out for the grids at Walmart they are normally 8 x 8 pattern which are too large of holes. They need to be 9 x 9 pattern so the pigs can't get out and the cats can't get in.

04-06-10, 01:36 pm
Awesome, thanks. I have looked all over those sites, its difficult to find them in this area without traveling out-of-province. They do have them at pet shops and I seen them a few times. they're clean, but i would rather give two cavies a good warm home to live with lots of love.

so 9 x 9 for the cubes and does it matter the thickness of the coroplast??

04-06-10, 01:42 pm
Thanks bunches!
I am writing a list of the items needed to make those cages.
Does it matter the thickness of the coroplast?

04-07-10, 06:59 pm
I used 5 mm coro. I don't know about other people.

As for the adoptions, look on this site.

Petango.com Online Pet Adoption & More. Welcome a homeless pet into your home! (http://www.petango.com/)

Which province are you in??

04-07-10, 10:14 pm
Which province are you in??

I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada. I just got an email from SPCA in this area, refering me to the Halifax region for adoption. I will check that out.

04-08-10, 02:29 am
On the home page, where pictures come up in a sequence, there is a picture that shows the shelving with a cat sitting on it. I too have cats and dogs and I have the shelving on my c & c's. I got mine from Home Depot, in the shelving section. I took my measurements in with me and the salesman cut it to just what I needed. It was easy to adjust with sip ties. I have never had a problem with the tops and my cats do sit on them.

04-08-10, 07:26 am
Thanks Suzi!
I will certianly check into that. We just had a Home Depot open in this area.