View Full Version : Size How many pigs?

04-05-10, 10:35 am
How many guinea piggies could you put in a cage that is 2 by 12 or a cage with bottom level 2 by 6 and top level 2 by 6 also?

04-05-10, 11:07 am
7-8 F.

6-7 males.

ETA: That is for the 2x12. For a double decker 2x6 2-4 M 3-5 F.

04-05-10, 01:32 pm
If it's one cage with 2 levels then it's just a 2x6 with loft as upper levels do not count towards overall square footage. You go with the minimum for each sex then add on a 1x2 space for each additional pig. So if you start with a 2x3 for sows, you could get 5 sows max and start with a 2x4 for boars would be 4 boars max.