View Full Version : Rats and Guinea Pigs getting along?

04-02-10, 01:23 pm
I am going to get 2 female pigs in May when I get back home from college. I've been doing a lot of research on them and know most of what to do and how to take care of them. I recently met my friend's rat though and started to like rats. I still want guinea pigs for sure as I had them when I was younger and loved them. But I was thinking of getting a rat as well. Do rats and pigs get along well? I know they don't go in the same cage, but I'm talking about for floor time and such.

04-02-10, 01:26 pm
Rats are predators, and guinea pigs are prey. You shouldn't allow them even supervised time together.

Although that's no reason you can't have both as pets. I know many people who do, including Ly (a mod here).

04-02-10, 02:25 pm
I've kept both for quite a long time now but I would never let them play together. They have separate housing and separate out of cage time.

04-02-10, 03:11 pm
Alright. Thanks for the replies. I'll still have to think about getting a rat then. Definitely still getting guinea pigs. :D

04-02-10, 03:55 pm
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04-02-10, 07:22 pm
Make sure to get at least a pair of rats -- like guinea pigs they're social animals!

04-02-10, 10:32 pm
Make sure to get at least a pair of rats -- like guinea pigs they're social animals!
If I decide on getting rats as well, I definitely will. :)

04-03-10, 04:28 pm
My guinea pigs HATE my rats. When my ratty boys get within a meter of the guniea girls they start chattering their teeth. The rats on the other hand love meeting new things and as soon as they see a guinea want to go say hello and have a good sniff so I work hard to keep the boys out of danger because I don't doubt the gunieas will send the rats packing with their teeth. The one and only friendly(ish) meeting was ironically last night. I had my biggest and most dominant girl (Loulou) curled up on my bed for a cuddle when DJ my rat started staring at me from the next room at the front door of his cage which he does when he wants to come cuddle with me (he crawls into my top using my cleavage as his bed. So I got up and let him cuddle down in my top and went back to Loulou. She wanted a good sniff of him (in fact she demanded despite my attempts to keep her back) so I cautiously allowed it with towel on standby to break up any trouble. After a tense touch of noses like a proper guinea pig greeting she decided he wasn't a threat and went off to bunk down in her territory by my waist. It seems the threat of a rat to my gunieas is territorial. The rats however see everyone as a new friend to play with (except the vet!). Don't mix them, my rats seem completely oblivious to angry guinea body language and are far too exuberant for guineas. I only think it was ok last night because DJ was sleepy and touching noses was the most he could be bothered to do.