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03-31-10, 10:47 pm
So worried about my sweet Callie. Callie is approximately 6 years old. No previous health problems other than a case of mange mites after getting our other pig, Amber a couple of years ago.
-About a week ago I noticed that Callie was wheeking softly just sitting still in her cage. This is odd because when we got Amber, Callie stopped wheeking altogether (we figured it was because Amber was so loud that Callie found no need in using her voice anymore. ha) I am not able to handle either pig much because I am severely allergic to them. So I just had to go on what I was seeing. She continued to eat and drink like usual all week. But the wheeking has gotten worse and now she is hunkering up and her fur is bristled. I got them out today and put them in their playpen to clean their cage (they hate their playpen, so this is the only time I use it) While eating some lettuce, I noticed Callie wasn't standing up. I started to pet her and she purred and seemed ok. Then she urinated a pool of bright red blood while wheeking. I was in shock. I feel so bad for her! I know the logical thing would be to take her to the vet, but there are no vets within a reasonable distance that see exotics. I contacted our local vet and they won't even order the antibiotics she would need. We are going through a really rough time financially due to my son's Diabetes and my ongoing health problems. I love my Callie so very much and only want to give her what she has given me...such joy and comfort! But I am failing at that!
-Is there a vet clinic online or anything else that anyone knows of that I can do for her? I realize that most owners would drive miles and miles to find a vet, but I cannot do that. And I realize most owners won't understand that. Even though I cannot touch her without my eyes swelling shut and getting hives all over, she and I have a tremendous bond. I would do anything for her, I just can't put my family's finances in any more of a bind. Thank you to anyone who might understand this or have a suggestion. Please be gentle in your responses if you don't mind. Thanks!

03-31-10, 11:06 pm
Hi there,
I'm sorry I may not be much help but I searched Guinea Lynx and found that two possible causes are urinary tract infections and bladder stones. Here's the pages: Bladder stones (http://www.guinealynx.info/stones.html#shilintong)
UTIs (http://www.guinealynx.info/uti.html)
I hope Callie will be okay! :(

04-01-10, 01:31 am
You need to get her to a vet ASAP. It could be an infection or it could be a stone. Either way, if it's not treated, she could die.

Is there any chance the vet would take payments or you could borrow the money from another family member or close friend?

04-01-10, 08:20 am
I am calling around to other area vets to see what, if anything, they can work with me on. No luck yet. Seems like everyone in this area is having financial trouble. Still looking and hoping. I was hoping at the very least one of them could get her some antibiotics. My husband said we could afford the medicine, just not a bunch of tests and vet bills. He feels very torn like I do, he loves Callie too. You never want to have to choose between family security and your beloved pets best interest. Both sides of our family have helped us already with other things, and I am facing more tests and Dr. bills at this time also. Just not a good situation. Trying to have faith and hoping for a miracle. I feel so badly for her. I'll keep you updated.

04-01-10, 08:37 am
Please get her to a vet as soon as possible. I'm sure she's in a considerable amount of pain. Contact your local shelter to see if they can refer you to a vet who accepts payment plans. UTI's can be treated with an antibiotic but stones are more complicated. A female has a chance of passing them, depending upon their size. Pain meds are probably needed, though, and just an antibiotic won't take care of the stones so it's important to let an expert do the diagnosis.

04-01-10, 11:12 am
I just spoke with a vet that is a few counties away, that said that with her age and the fact that her urine is completely red and the amount of time she has been sick, that there wasn't much they could do for her. He said he doesn't see many come back from that especially at her age. He offered to put her to sleep at no charge. She is easily scared, and I don't want to put her through any more trauma than I have to. I don't know what to do. I don't want her to suffer, but I am having such a hard time letting her go. She is still eating and even purrs when I pet her. Is there any pain medicine over the counter that you can give guinea pigs? Maybe I could ease her pain some while I decide what to do. I wish the vet was closer and I wish we could afford to try everything possible. I wish this wasn't so hard...

04-01-10, 11:18 am
I know this is hard for you. But if you aren't going to be able to afford to treat her this time then your choices are to A) let him do what he wants to do. B) rehome her with someone that can afford to do what needs to be done to treat her (and hopefully find that someone quick) C) go into debt to do it yourself.

So which one of those choices is the least painful to you, because I assure you she's in a lot of pain while you decide which to choose. My prayers go out to both of you while you pick. Had to make a similar choice for our dog last November and it's never easy.

04-01-10, 06:13 pm
I took her to the local vet after begging them to see her. She was too sick and nothing could be done for her. I had to have her put to sleep. I am heart broken. Not only do I feel horrible that she was in pain, I miss her already so much. I know this will get easier, but watching my other guinea pig, Amber, grieve to is heart wrenching.
A good lesson is to be learned for anyone wanting to give a guinea pig a good home. Always make sure you have a plan for when they get sick. There are no vets around here that will see guinea pigs, and the ones that are the closest are hard to get an appointment with. I am thankful she is at peace and will miss her more than I can express.

04-01-10, 06:17 pm
You did the right thing. She was in a lot of pain and was very sick. Sometimes the most humane thing we can do is let them go. Love Amber twice as hard and try and put a little bit by each week so that if she gets sick you won't have to make this choice again.
Hugs to you for your loss. Take care of yourself and your son.

04-01-10, 07:32 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to make that decision.

04-01-10, 08:24 pm
Poor little one, it sounds like she was in pain for a week. It is good that she is at rest now. Sorry for your loss.

04-01-10, 10:26 pm
Thank you all so much. It really is hard to find any sympathy because around here I am kind of an oddball for having guinea pigs. I don't know anyone else that has them, and it is a lonely place to be when one has trouble. I do not regret my decision. She was in pain and I couldn't do anything for her. But I guess you always question yourself. Now I am worried about Amber. I am severely allergic to guinea pigs, something that has come about since I got them. I cannot hold Amber to comfort her without getting hives. My right eye is swollen shut, just from holding my dear little Callie all day. I don't care of course, because I wanted to be with her, but it is very painful. I am hoping my husband and son can get Amber out and play with her some since Callie is gone. She is taking it so hard. No one should ever doubt the bond guinea pigs have. I would get another guinea pig, but since I am so allergic I am afraid to do that. My hope is that Callie's life and our story will serve to alert people that they need a plan for illness for any exotic animal. Especially if you live in a rural area and have limited funds. Thank you to any and all that have responded. It is hard to know what information to give on these forums in a time of distress, but everyone gave wonderful advice.

04-02-10, 10:00 am
I'm so very sorry for your loss. It's devastating to have to make the decision to let them go but you did the right thing. There are piggies that live longer than 6 but for every one that does, there are many, many more that do not. She had a good, long life and and lots of love with you and I hope that this knowledge brings you a measure of peace. My deepest sympathies.